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Using sync client, sync only some directorieswithout giving credentials for others

I'm using dropbox-like service, which has a nice lifetime plan and zero-knowledge encryption. I'd like to sync some "public" directories on a weakly secured computer using the sync ...
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How to protect google drive shared folder contents from accidental and malicious moves?

Our volunteer organization has a shared google drive folder. We have years worth of files and folders. The contents are all owned by the various members who created them over the years. It recently ...
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Retaining the original filename for online image search without having own website

Let's say I search online with Google for jpeg images and find that a filename such as ABDCEFG1234567.jpg does not appear in the results. I conclude it is unique. I now wish to save an image file with ...
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Raspberry pi remote storage over mobile internet

Cannot find right tools to achieve fallowing: IP camera (hikvision) -> Raspberry pi as NFS/SMB server for camera -> 4G internet -> NAS (storage) backend Camera and raspberry pi is located ...
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How to turn off rogue OneDrive video syncing [duplicate]

(I am running Windows 7.) Yesterday I did some clean-up and moved some mp4 files from my desktop to "My Videos". Later I got a message that my OneDrive was almost full. Then I realized that when I ...
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Google Drive deletes files while syncing

I just made the switch from Dropbox to Drive and had to upload ~60GB of files. About 15% in, the Google Drive app on my Mac slowed down and I restarted it. But instead of continuing with the upload, ...
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Split and encrypt a folder before uploading online for backup

I'd like to try out BackBlaze B2 to back up 400 GB of files. However, I'd like to zip and encrypt before uploading. Requirements split a folder to multiple folders (folders contain videos and images)...
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One way back up on Google Drive?

Is it possible to automatically upload whatever is in a particular folder on my computer to google drive but not download what is on google drive and missing on my computer? If yes how?
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How can I detect if an online backup service is doing IP-based throttling?

I live on a campus in the US and I am trying to understand why my upload speed to the online backup service Backblaze on area Y of the campus is 10 times slower than on area X of the campus (20000 vs ...
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Secure Online Storage with Mapped Network Drive [closed]

I am searching for an online storage solution that uses encryption when transferring the data, and when storing the data. I want to be able to map a network drive to the online storage in Windows and ...
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Is online storage a practical solution? [closed]

I am trying to purchase an online storage and there are lot of them Apple, Google, Amazon, DropBox etc etc but I am worried is it really practical because of slow transfer speeds esp the upload speed. ...
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Offsite Backups for multi clients

I have a few offices of businesses I need to backup remotely and I was wondering what would be my best options as far as doing that to ensure no one can access each other files. The systems are mostly ...
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Carbonite backup - local cache?

Im using a Windows 08R2 Server I have running 24/7 which I use as a file server amongst other things and connect to it from my laptop. I have tried out a number of online backups (dropbox,soapbox,...
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Cloud storage provider lost my data. How to back up next time?

What do you do when cloud storage fails you? First, some background. A popular cloud storage provider (rhymes with Booger Link) damaged a bunch of my data. Getting it back was an uphill battle with ...
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Is there an online storage service that works with Windows 7 Backup and Restore? [closed]

I love Windows 7 Backup and Restore.. However, I kind of find it inconvenient to use external hard drive, plug it in, take it out, put it away safely etc.. Is there an online storage service to which ...
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Rolling Your Own Online Storage on Shared Hosting Account

I've got a Windows-based shared webhosting account ( with - no admin/root access via RDP - all web control panels) which I used to use to host freelance (ASP.Net) projects for clients. Due ...
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Unlimited online backup space for fixed price using rsync/FTP/other simple protocol [closed]

Many companies offer unlimited online backup space for a fixed price (,,, etc), but they either use proprietary non-Linux-friendly software ...
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Looking for a complete Online Media Storage Solution [closed]

After my hosting company referred me to the TOS, mentioning the fact that I can't backup my PC on my servers. I started searching for services that might do exactly that. Now the thing is, I've ...
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Identify storage devices in a network

I am scanning a network looking for storage devices with nmap. Any ideas on which I should base my search?
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Free FTP Virtual Drive Software for Windows (if not on Linux) [closed]

Is there something equivalent to WebDrive but free or open source ? Update: I want on Windows if possible and be able to save a file on a virtual ftp drive from any software. I know already I can ...
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From image on my computer to URL in my clipboard

I use tinypic for hosting images for forum posts, online articles, etc etc, as I'm sure many other people do too. From an image on my computer's desktop to having the URL in my clipboard after it has ...
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Office 2010 can't open folder at my Skydrive

I followed the steps to upload documents to a folder at Microsofts Skydrive. Backstage,Share,Save to skydrive,(at this point it always shows Sorry, we are unable to connect to Skydrive.) Than I click ...
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Can I search the RapidShare-like servers for certain files?

RapidShare's answer to that question is: No, RapidShare protects the privacy of its users. Only the person storing a file on RapidShare receives the download link. That person can decide ...
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Sync my files across multiple computers

I do a lot of work on my home computer, ranging from programming, writing stored procedures and writing documentation and reporting. A lot of this work is university related and constantly swapping ...
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Mount SkyDrive as a network drive

SkyDrive offers 25GB free space, but only offers a way too simple web upload one file at a time. Does software exist, that makes it possible to mount it as a network drive? Edit: The solutions work ...
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