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How do I make the Windows command prompt opacity settings permament?

My question is super simple, although somewhat specific and I can't find anything online. So I want to change the color and opacity of my Windows 10 Command Prompt. I've been able to do that just ...
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FFmpeg overlay opacity

I have a sequence of frames which I concat to create a video. On series of frames, I want to overlay an image with varying opacity(want to give fade in animation effect). The opacity should vary w.r....
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Copy and paste is unwantedly changing opacity of objects in inkscape

I've just started encountering a problem with Inkscape (version 0.48.4 installed on Ubuntu) where if I copy and paste an object (basically an opaque rectangle with overlaid text), the new copy of the ...
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Overlay an image with an opacity setting in Ffmpeg

I want to overlay an image with an opacity setting I know how to overlay an image on a video, but I don’t understand how to set its opacity level too. I can easily add a watermark on my video, but ...
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How to change the opacity of the firefox bookmarks toolbar?

It appears that with my update to Firefox 44 a few days ago, the bookmarks toolbar has gained the same opacity as the URL toolbar (adding something like 50% of a gray tone). That's ugly. I have ...
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Photoshop opacity different for text

In Adobe Photoshop CC (v2014.2.2) on Windows I create a layer with black pixels, and a text layer with black text. I place both above a white background, and set both to 30% opacity. The text layer ...
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Is there a way to eyedropper colors WITH transparency, and paint with that color?

Here's my use-case: I'm doing a pixel art sketch, and one of my layers involves glass with partial transparency. I'd like to be able to: Eyedropper the transparent color and have it automatically ...
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Photoshop brush opacity is 50% despite being set to 100%

Whenever I try to make a brush stroke in Photoshop it comes out 50% transparent, even though: The brush opacity is set to 100% The layer is set to 100% The mode is normal. I've reset the brush tool, ...
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7 votes
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Is it possible to change the transparency of an already open window in Mac OS X?

Specifically, I'd like to change the transparency of an already open window. I know I can change the settings and then open a new window, but I can't figure out how to make an already ...
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How do you change the opacity of an image in MS Word 2007?

I see you can change brightness and contract but is there a way to just change opacity? As I have an image that I want to make the background.
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