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OpenID is a standard that describes how users can be authenticated by 3rd parties which means that websites don't have to store user credentials.

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Keycloak OpenID Connect redirect_uri behaves inconsistently

I have Keycloak 22.0.5 deployed via docker on my local machine. I have a custom OpenID client configured with its access as follows: I don't want to use a password grant, I'm using pkce (...
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Jira: Cannot update profile when logging in via OpenID

I am trying to update my profile on the following page: However, I get "...
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list websites requiring that my browser is signed into Gmail

Is there a way to list which websites authenticate by requiring that my browser sign into Gmail? It would probably be a Gmail or Google Account feature if it exists. I am not asking to list which ...
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Keycloak introspect endpoints returns inactive when token_type_hint is requesting_party_token

I'm using Keycloak 3.4.3-Final. Changing keycloak version is not an option for me. I created a client and user, got a JWT using user ID/PW, and tried introspect this JWT. When I specify ...
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How can I use Microsoft login for my APEX app?

I have tried following to enable logging into an APEX app using the MS login credentials. Having followed these ...
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How do I configure the openIdconnect plugin in Tuleap?

I'm trying to configure the openIdconnect plugin in the Tuleap. I have a CAS service keycloak and in Tuleap I installed the plugin and created a provider, then I put the urls to authorization, token ...
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Setting up OpenID Connect for a private domain?

I am interested in setting up OpenID to comment on various blogs with a URL linking to my private domain. Previously such services were provided through OpenID 2.0 and one could use Google profiles to ...
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Changing the OpenID provider

So far I have been using MyOpenID as an OpenID provider. Now it announced that it will close down and I will need a new provider. Is there any way to transfer all registrations to the new account or ...
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How to enable openssl in libcurl without recompling PHP

I'm trying to implement OpenID login in PHP by using php-openid library. But it did not work on my server probably because PHP libcurl is using NSS, not OpenSSL for SSL connection(according to phpinfo)...
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How can I use a command line tool like Wget to log into an OpenID site?

Specifically, I would like to be able to download certain pages from my user profile on the various Stack Exchange sites. I would, however, like to do this automatically (using a cron job), from ...
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Logging into Google Apps using a single link

Our organization has a secure application where we'd like to provide users with the ability to click once and log into their Google Apps account without having to enter the username/password ...
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How can you force google openid to authenticate only from a specific google app email?

I am trying to make sense of the way google openid works to no avail for the moment. I have a google app for business with its own domain and an email there. I also have my personal gmail account. ...
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Using as OpenID with DNS settings only [closed]

I would like to use as my OpenID URL with DNS settings only. I'm asking how it is done and for some examples of OpenID-providers supporting it. Using Google might be ideal, but I am ...
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How do I setup Java OpenID Server (JOIDS)?

I'm stuck on this step: Then you should modify the file in $CATALINA_BASE/conf/[enginename]/[hostname]/, especially the database and mail configurations, and the password for domain configurator(the ...
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Microsoft announced support for OpenID a few years ago. Where do I find it? [closed]

A few years ago Microsoft said that Windows Live ID would be an OpenID provider. Have they actually gotten around to implementing it, and if so, where is the service URL?
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chrome not offering to save openid password

when I go to forums, chrome will ask if it wants to remember the password I say yes. and if I log out of the forum it fills it in for me and I just click log in. this doesn't seem to be the case with ...
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Google account (ie OpenID) on a pendrive

Is it possible to store a Google Account/OpenID details on a USB drive so that instead of typing in the details you can just plug in the USB drive. Without any modification to the Browser. I use ...
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Which OpenID provider to pick? [closed]

With all the big companies providing users with OpenID's and basic usage and many other companies providing various levels of OpenID support who seems to be the leader in full OpenID support? ...
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Why doesn't disabling Third Party Cookies block authentication sites, LiveID, OpenID, etc

Why doesn't disabling Third Party Cookies block authentication sites, LiveID, OpenID, etc. Trying to not make this political, but I need to explain my motivation to assist those who may answer this. ...
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How can I check what e-mail address is tied to my OpenID?

I'm using Yahoo as an OpenID provider, but they give me pretty much zero control over it. I would like to know what e-mail address is tied to said OpenID. (I have a non-Yahoo e-mail account selected ...
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40 views website is strangely behaving for 2 day now

On firefox 3 on WinXP, Win7 and Ubuntu when I try to access it asks me to save a gzip archive. Is that normal ? I need to look at the documentation, is their an alternative sources ?
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How to host an open id authentication server?

I want to host my own open id server (just as an experiment). Does anyone know how to do this?
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Shared OpenID provider for teamwork?

I would like to share a single OpenID within multiple persons, but in a nice safe way (password sharing does not count as safe), exactly like you can share a single Twitter account with CoTweet. Does ...
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Two Google accounts in firefox for email/reader/openid

I usually checking my personal gmail account account at work, and I have another gmail account for work/professional purpose. Now I am starting to see more sites using OpenID. The problem I am facing ...
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How to obtain a OpenId Identifier from Google

I'm trying to create an account at commandlinefu using OpenId. It's asking for an "OpenId Identifier". I read this article, but it doesn't really show how to actually get the identifier. I looked ...
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Open ID & Person Domain Names

I've got a myOpenID account and I want my OpenID to be instead of I've got it working by putting these tags in the header of my website homepage: <link rel="openid....
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Is it safe to publish my OpenID?

I currently have one OpenID that I use from a provider, it's something like: However, I want to be able to type the address of my personal website instead of the ...
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What is OpenId URL for a account

What is my OpenId URL EG: Bitbucket wants me to signup using my OpenId URL. I want to use Google just like i use in SuperUser but there is no obvious link to Click on just a textbox for OpenId URL
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How do you merge multiple OpenID providers?

Right now, I use, which works just fine, but with Google, Facebook, etc. now providing OpenID, I'd like to merge all my IDs into one. Is this possible or am I missing the point of OpenID ...
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