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Questions tagged [opentype]

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fonttools/fontmake's generated otf-cff2 does not work on Windows

I have generated an otf font using fontmake -o otf-cff2 -g source.glyphs The resulting font works on Linux and Mac and can be opened in online tools like fontgauntlet, but I cannot open it on Windows ...
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How can I use the rand feature in a font?

I want to use the feature specified here in a similar way like the kern, liga or any other feature. I am completely new to fonts but currently using FontForge to import .fea into my font. Does this ...
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How can I prevent u to be rendered as v when text is Latin?

Problem and question I am using the font EB Garamond for most of my professional work, and I am very pleased with it. There is a feature I would like the option to control, though, and I have not ...
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Different font version on desktop and mobile

I've experienced a strange issue about a font. I have imported this font ( via CSS import: @font-face { font-family: VelodromaWide; ...
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OpenType CMAP format that supports mapping an array of characters to a glyph id? [migrate?]

I am unsure if this is in the correct community. I'm writing a Scala wrapper to the OpenType font format, and while trying to find an encoding ID for the CMAP table that maps an array or set of ...
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Microsoft Word keeps reversing my unchecking of "Disable OpenType Font Formatting Features"

I open a document, I go to File > Options > Advanced > Compatibility options and uncheck "Disable OpenType Font Formatting Features", and click OK. I save the document, close the document, open it ...
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Sneaky font substitution and font missing from only some apps' font menus

I have a bit of a head-scratcher. I'm attempting to use DINPro in both Pages 5.6.2 and Word 2011 on my rMBP 15" running El Cap 10.11.6. I'm seeing DINPro in Pages, but Abel in Word. At first I didn'...
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OpenType fonts and Microsoft PowerPoint

I'm trying to use an OpenType font (Quicksand) in PowerPoint and I've come across a few issues where: Not all font weights can be used Only some font weights can be used My desktop allows all font ...
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Printing Issues with Lato Font

There is another thread regarding a similar topic already, but I am still a little bit confused. "" (Cant post more than 2 links...) However, ...
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Corrupted rendering of Courier New font in Windows Server 2003 [duplicate]

I have two virtual machines with Windows Server 2003 running in VMware Workstation 11.0.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.1. Unfortunately several days or weeks ago both the machines started to render all four fonts ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Changing a font's number form in PowerPoint

Some fonts, for example Corbel, include several number forms: lining figures where the numerals are the same height as a capital letter and old-style or text figures where the numerals have varying ...
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1 answer

Wrong fonts being printed

Im trying to print a simple document to an HP LaserJet P4015dn, but the fonts I need to use (Trajan Pro and Adobe Garamond) are being replaced by the printer. I get the same results printing the ...
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2 answers

Terminus as OpenType font with OTF capabilities

I've been using the font Terminus for years as console and coding font. Now, I do some typesetting, too, and while not using Terminus as monospaced font for print, I need to showcase it in a document ...
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2 answers

Opentype fonts in OpenOffice

How to get opentype fonts in .otf format working on Ubuntu and OpenOffice 3.2? It would be great if I could use opentype features in OOo, but I'll be glad enough if I could use them even converted to ...
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2 answers

Renaming Fontfaces

How do I rename a font style in an OTF font? I have this bug here: I now can't select any other style except "Regular".
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5 answers

Difference between OTF (Open Type) or TTF (True Type) font formats?

On a Mac, when I'm downloading fonts am often given the choice between OTF (OpenType Format) and TTF (TrueType Format). Is there any difference in the way ligatures work or anything between the two ...
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4 votes
8 answers

What are your favourite free fonts? [closed]

As super users, using nicer fonts is often an important issue. Now that many sites are using @font-face to embed fonts in the page, having the same fonts installed locally means less downloading, and ...
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3 answers

Installing Microsoft ttf fonts on Ubuntu

I want to install a Microsoft Vista TTF font (lets say Consolas), on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). How do I go about doing that?
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