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Questions tagged [opus]

Opus is a lossy audio coding format designed to efficiently code speech and general audio in a single format, while remaining low-latency enough for real-time interactive communication and low-complexity enough for low-end embedded processors.

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0 answers

How to build Opus or playable audio from wireshark capture?

I was able to create a wav file from a wireshark capture. Here is how I do it. 1. I use tcpdump to capture all the packets and filter for RTP packets. Each RTP packet has a "Synchornization ...
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How to edit Opus comments?

Is there any tool that can edit Opus comments? In particular, I want to add multiple METADATA_BLOCK_PICTUREs to an Ogg/Opus file. opusenc can't edit comments. EasyTag corrupts Ogg files. ffmpeg doesn'...
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Want to understand encoding with Opus for maximum audio quality in FFmpeg. Bitrate stuck at 96kbps?

I'm sort of new to FFmpeg, but I got much of the basics down. I am trying to understand how to encode audio with Opus. My knowledge is a bit weak when it comes to audio, bitrates, sample rate and Hz. ...
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FFmpeg conversion of audio to Opus produces larger than expected file

I have lots of 16-bit 8KHz wav files that I'm trying to convert into Opus format. Using a sample file, ffmpeg converts it in under a second: ffmpeg.exe -i file.wav -b:a 24k -c:a libopus FileFromFFmpeg....
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Opus codec bitrate scalability

On the website of the Opus code, there is an example demonstrating bitrate scalability. This example is intended to "demonstrates what happens when gradually varying the bitrate". This ...
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Cross compiling ffmpeg: error while adding libopus: undefined reference to `__memcpy_chk'

I have set in the cmake file the following: set(STACK_PROTECTOR_SUPPORTED 0) set(FORTIFY_SOURCE_SUPPORTED 0) However ffmpeg configure fails at this point: (from config log) ... ... rnx/...
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Change sample rate in OggOpus metadata (48 kHz to 44.1 kHz) without re-encoding

I have many Opus encoded files that play high pitched in any player because somewhere in the metadata they are marked as 48 kHz (or unmarked but assumed to be 48 kHz) but are in fact 44.1 kHz. If I ...
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Is it possible to add text (e.g. a transcription or lyrics) to AMR or OPUS sound files?

Is it possible to add text (e.g. a transcription or lyrics) to AMR or OPUS sound files? Googling for this mostly returns transcription services, not whether there are defined meta data fields for this ...
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Keep album art with ffmpeg while cutting an opus file

ffmpeg -ss 4.6 -i 1.opus -c copy 2.opus Cuts the file as required but it also removes the album art. Same command works for mp3 files, the album art doesn't get removed for mp3. Edit: I see the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I convert an Opus audio to a format usable by iOS?

How can I convert an Opus audio file with the distributed ffmpeg binaries to a format usable by iOS? Is there a way to do it without compiling FFmpeg? FFmpeg details: ffmpeg --version ...
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0 answers

Add cover art to opus file using ffmpeg

I'm trying to embed a cover art to an .opus (ogg container) audio file. I'm aware ffmpeg recently added support for that function according to this ticket: Tried ...
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reduce my 90gb collection of mp3 to about 10gb

got an insanely simple and working script already: #!/bin/bash -x mkdir .before mkdir .error for i in *.m??; do ffmpeg -n -i "$i" -b:a 16k "${i%.*}.opus" && mv &...
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ffmpeg Unknown encoder 'libopus' centos7

I am new to centos7. I installed the FFmpeg for converting mp3 files to opus (Telegram Bot). However, I tried many ways to install it, every time I got the same errors! For example, I used these ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Convert WebM to Opus without encoding?

Tried all various commands with ffmpeg and also tried using mkvconvert and while they both instantly convert or extract the .opus from the .webm file.. the problem is the output file is always ...
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MPlayer doesn't play libopus in TCP MPEG-TS stream by ffmpeg

I'm trying to setup ultra-low p2p streaming using FFMPEG and MPlayer with MPEG-TS stream over TCP. As aac codec introduces notable additional latency, I'd like to use libopus instead. When I do so, ...
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Extracting Opus from WebM losslessly with FFmpeg or MKVToolNix

I have come across a strange problem when remuxing Opus audio stream from WebM to another container like ogg or opus. Running the output files through a spectrum analyzer clearly shows that there is ...
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ffmpeg encoding using ogg with opus container

I am wanting to send whatsapp voice notes and we are needing to convert sample.mp3 to sample.ogg (with opus codec) is this command correct? ffmpeg -i sample.mp3 c:a libopus sample.ogg
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2 answers

FFmpeg drops the Album Art

Everytime I encode my songs to lossy formats, the output file keeps the tags (title, artist, album, etc...), but drops the album art. I tried to encode to any lossy format, including AAC, OGG and ...
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1 answer

Why do audio files converted from OPUS to M4A have a much higher bitrate?

When doing: youtube-dl -xf bestaudio/best <link to playlist> ...I get a lot of OPUS files at relatively "normal" bitrates like 130kbps. However, when I run the same command with the ...
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3 answers

Add album art cover to an OGG/opus file from the command line

I managed to add an album art cover to an OGG/opus file with Kid3 - Audio Tagger but I'd like to do it via the command line on all the files of an album. I tried with ffmpeg but it did not work : $ ...
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