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Outlook VBA - linked image in ReplyAll mailitem created from Custom from template not displaying

The below code creates a mailitem from a custom Outlook Form Template and a ReplyAll mailitem and appends the ReplyAll mailitem to the Template mailitem. However, the image icon from the Outlook form ...
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How to disable Outlook forms designer

My company has some important outlook forms that should not be messed with. Therefore I am seeking a way to prevent users from customizing the forms. Is this possible and how?
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How can sensitive data written in a custom Outlook Form be protected?

We have an outlook form that is installed on some users machines, for use with their Exchange email account. All the emails sent using that form go to an internal functional/shared mailbox that is ...
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How can I create a link to a custom form in Outlook 2003

If I created a custom form (including Script) in Outlook 2003, published it to the personal forms library, the only way I know to create a item out of this form is "File -> New -> Choose Form... -> ...
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Working with Forms in Outlook

My boss asked me to make a custom form in Outlook to streamline the process of sending automated form letters. Essentially what I need to do is have a few text boxes for input where the unique ...
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