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How do I see current status of runtime options of less utility?

Less takes runtime options from LESS environment variable + system-wide lesskey file + $HOME/.less file + command line arguments + runtime commands invoked by user. Use case After toggling some ...
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Prevent a command output from being displayed in a pager

Some commands display their output in a pager, and don't return. Here is an example of such a command : apt changelog zsh From the man apt page: changelog changelog downloads a package changelog ...
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Mouse scrolling less pager output in tmux session

I use export LESS=-R to enable scrolling through less output using mouse scroll. It doesn’t work in tmux. For vim, the solution was to add set mouse=a. What is the equivalent option for less assuming ...
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3 answers

Telling `less` where to break pages

Is there some way to tell less where to break pages? I was hoping that ^L (form feed / page break) would do it, but found it doesn't. I tried the following: The first page. It is three lines long. ^...
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How to use `less` as default pager for `--help`?

I use --help option a lot. It's annoying how it jumps to the end with help. It can be done with |less option. I want |less to be my default option. Can I use less as default paging for --help? I use ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Dump to terminal or file content of "less" pager utility

It is usual to use less utility as pager (with -r option). But less uses special terminal buffers, so it preserve previous output to terminal and when I leave less I see previous content. That is ...
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Standalone wireless network adapter [closed]

What I'm looking for is a standalone wireless adapter that connects to a certain network, so that a message can be sent out through the network and this wireless adapter receives it and starts making ...
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1 answer

How to wget a list of pages linked to from a list that is spread over many pages

I have a webpage that basically consists of a list of links to other pages. Using wget I would like to download all the pages listed. Using "wget -r -l1 URL" I basically get what I want. But how ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Are there any pagers that use emacs keybindings?

Both more and less seem to be heavily influenced by the vi commands. Are there any pagers that are more emacs like out of the box?
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3 answers

Is there an automatically scrolling, time-delayed Unix pager command?

I'd like to view output of big commands slowed down, like a slideshow with e.g. automatic, 500ms delay between each scroll. What is the simplest way to achieve this?
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15 votes
4 answers

bash: colorized man page

Where do I have to take a look at in the system to colorize the man pages? The man pages are viewed with less, so I tried adding the following lines to my .bashrc to change the colors: (Which works ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Preventing the pager less from exiting when scrolling beyond the end of file

I like less and use it as my default pager in Linux. However, there are times that I am scrolling down through a large document quickly and less exits when I reach the end of the document before I ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Let less work like cat, if only one screen full of text

On my Debian machine here, less always opens the alternate screen to show stuff. This is annoying, if there are only 2 or 3 lines to be displayed. I'd like less to: work as pager, if there is more ...
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Linux Man command help

Are there any tricks/sites/methods to use the linux man command in a more convenient way ? I love commands in terminal but for some strange reason I preferred to type man in firefox then in the ...
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3 answers

Change less (pager) default options

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04. My default pager(set using update-alternatives, not $PAGER) is less. The problem is, when I use ri(Ruby documentation tool) with the '-f ansi' mode, less shows the escape ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Use `less` pager on file with non-standard encoding

I often use the less pager to view logfiles. Usually I use less -F to follow the progress of the log à la tail. However, some logfiles use national characters in a non-standard encoding (Latin-1, ...
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2 answers

emacs as a pager?

I am looking for a way to use emacs as my pager command in the shell (for example with man or to scroll the output of an asynchronous command with a large amount of output). I use emacsclient as my $...
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How can I make the man command not use a pager?

How can I force the man command to not use a pager, and instead output the whole manpage at once and keep all highlighting? If I use man -P cat or man | cat, I lose highlighting.
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