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Questions tagged [piracy]

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Swapping from pirated to licenced Office - licencing issues

I was using a pirated Office for a while. I have since deleted it, bought one from Microsoft, downloaded it from their website, and installed it. For a while it worked OK, but after a day or two, I ...
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failedLoginCount=12455. Something's wrong ? MacOsX 10.14 (Mojave)

Each time I reboot my Mac, i have a strange new (porn) image as background. I suspect i've been pirated. So i tried to have a look at users via bash command dscl . -readall /Users > DSCLoutput.txt ...
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Using pirated copy of old windows versions [closed]

Is it still illegal for US citizens to install a pirated copy of Windows XP or Vista on their machines, considering those windows have reached end of life? Could one get arrested for that? Thanks for ...
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How to Protect Windows OS Image From Being Copied?

Here at the company where I work we have created a custom Windows 7 image for our computers. When we have an issue, or receive a new computer, we just re-image them with our master backup. We have ...
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3 answers

Why pirate / crack software often detected "is containing virus"?

Sometime you have been told to whitelist the file to run the crack, it is false positive. Why some AV is detecting such virus "is containing virus"? I know some of the crack is a fake file to crash ...
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What is pirated software? [closed]

I'm planning to write an article about software-terminology based on software-license in which I also want to include about pirated software which requires clear/exact understanding and meaning of ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Why does my HP switch appear to be reporting inconsistent information?

I have a HP 1810-8G (J9802A) 8-port managed switch (according to its labels). I bought this one because of its capability of mirroring the traffic to a port. Now I'm wondering whether this may not ...
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1 answer

How to tell if a Windows 7 installation is genuine

I was asked to take care of some suspicious looking Windows 7 machines in the University. They all have the Windows Vista sticker but all all running Windows 7 Ultimate. If they are running on pirated ...
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2 answers

Isolate computer from network

My roommate and I use the same network. Problem is he has no respect to security he originally wanted to have the network unlocked but after a long time I convinced him to lock it. But now he doesnt ...
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1 answer

Can a user use any software be it Legal/Pirated with windows xp/7 Legal Version (OEM)

This question is just to increase my knowledge as a dealer/seller of microsoft systems. In my location customers are not willing to use original Windows installations, as they say that they will not ...
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2 answers

How do software companies know if we are using unlicensed software? [closed]

How do software companies know if the serial number entered to use their software is a valid one or one created by a keygen? Assume the keygen is generating a license number that can be entered into ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How does DVD anti-piracy work?

I know this is a "general" question. I was wondering how 'console' anti-piracy works. Which CD/DVD sectors are written? Why a normal DVD burner can't write it? Just curious...
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7 votes
3 answers

Is there any software to identify whether PC installed any pirated software? [closed]

There are some employee in company that installed pirated software in their PC and I scared they use for commercial use, so, I decided to use kind of a software to detect whether their PC installed ...
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10 answers

How is software hacked and patched?

It is really strange to see, that almost every famous and good software is cracked and patched. Adobe software, windows, IDM and many others... Is it really that easy? What are the techniques that ...
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