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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android - Android studio not found when installing on a Mac

After following the instructions for installing the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android on my Mac I have encountered an issue when running the installation script. The error message says "Android ...
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Creating an answer file for “WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab” in Eclipse WTP

I am attempting to script the install of the WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab sourced here. msdt.exe /cab "%~dp0WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab" -af "%~dp0stillneeded.xml" Unfortunately, attempts at ...
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What is a Standalone host?

I am fairly new to how Software platforms can be setup architecturally. I was told that there is a platform at our company that is a Standalone host as it is built on Blades. So my question is what ...
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Platform vs operating system

I have been using the term platform and operating system to mean the same until now. For example: Windows and MAC are two platforms or operating systems. When it comes to different versions of windows ...
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Why is this iptables rule that does port forwarding not working?

I have a server bound to localhost:7060. It is using ipv6 socket instead of ipv4. Below is netstat outout. # netstat -an Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State tcp ...
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PC vs Mac... why are things this way? [closed]

Why is it that you can run all sorts of operating systems on PCs (such as Linux, Windows, UNIX, BSDs, etc) but can't run Mac OS / Mac OS X? Conversely, why can't you run anything but Mac OS / Mac OS ...
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Fonts in PDF files: How do I ensure that a font will render properly across platforms/readers?

I created a document in MS Word (2007) and then published to PDF with the intention of creating a document that looks the same regardless of platform or pdf reader choice. It looks fine on a couple ...
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platform independent password protection

I have some folders in an external hard drive which i want password protected. i use the hard drive in windows, mac and linux. Is there a way to do this ? platform independent password protection ? i ...
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