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I can subscribe to the RSS feeds for my Google Alerts in Feedly but not in my podcatcher. Why is this?

Here are all of the settings I have chosen for all of my Google Alerts: sources: automatic how often: as it happens language: English region: any region how many: only the best results deliver to: RSS ...
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Can an RSS feed contain entries that consist of only text and images, and also contain video entries?

Further, can both an RSS reader and a podcatcher--two separate clients--be subscribed to such a feed? I'd use the RSS reader to read items from the feed that are just text and images, and I'd use a ...
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How to consilidate/merge Podcasts in MediaMonkey

I recently moved from iTunes to MediaMonkey as my media manager and podcatcher. Now I have the problem that MediaMonkey shows me a lot of dublicted podcast subscriptions as you can see in the ...
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1 answer

Change output directory for gPodder

I'd like to change directory gPodder downloads podcasts to. Default output directory in Ubuntu is ~/gPodder/Downloads/. I cannot find output directory in config. How I can change output directory for ...
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2 answers

GPodder cannot download podcasts for some feeds

I try to use GPodder to download podcasts. For some feeds I cannot downloads any podcasts with error messages like: The text in gpodder log-file for this error is: 2013-01-23 18:54:41,322 [gpodder....
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3 answers

Get the RSS/XML feed for an iTunes U Podcast to use in another podcatcher

There are numerous ways to get the podcast feed for standard iTunes podcasts like this or this, however, neither of these methods work on the podcast feeds in iTunes U. I don't want to use iTunes, ...
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Online tool to publish aggregated podcast feed with enclosures?

I listen to many podcasts. I'd like to share the best among them with an audience via an RSS feed, but I want that feed to include the original enclosure. The idea is that the audience puts my ...
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Help me find podcatcher for Windows with Creative Zen support

I've switched from linux, I've been using Amarok for podcast download and synchronization with my Creative Zen. Now I'm looking for podcatcher that will work in windows with my player. It should have ...
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