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For questions regarding Powershell Version 6, also called Powershell Core or Powershell Core 6

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'Foreach Recipient in Recipients' not work correctly in Powershell

The recipients of a mail in Outlook 2010 are as follow. I tried to use foreach to delete all of the existing recipients but it failed to delete all(but deleted some). Also the dummy Write-Host (the ...
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How do I get PowerShell to visualise the user home path as ~\?

In my PowerShell terminal, I can use ~ as shorthand for my user account home directory. If I change location to somewhere under this path, on my desktop I get the following: C:\Users\Paul> cd ~\...
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Is there a way to make Windows Powershell 6 my default terminal?

I downloaded pwsh 6, or pwsh core, and wanted to make it default. Currently whenever I use the shorcut for a CMD, I already get the old pwsh, but I wanted to use the new one instead. Is there anyway ...
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Use Powershell Core 6 as the default shell with shortcut Windows+X, I

I've seen this question which isn't quite the same thing. I have Powershell Core 6 installed. I usually open Powershell with the shortcut Windows+X, and then I. Now I would like that shortcut to open ...
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How to publish a Powershell module on linux?

Currenlty I got PS /data/projects/lesspass-powershell> Publish-Module -Name "Lesspass" -Repository PSGallery -NuGetApiKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Publish-Module : The specified module 'Lesspass' was ...
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Powershell 6 missing cmdlets

Why are cmdlets like Test-NetConnection no longer available? It appears the entire NetTCPIP module is not in v6. Is there a list of depreciated cmdlets in Powershell Core? Get-Module -n Microsoft....
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