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For questions regarding Powershell Core 6. See also [tag:powershell-6.0]

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Get-ChildItem vs GetFiles vs EnumerateFiles vs EnumerateFileSystemEntries (Which is Best?)

I am attempting to determine the most efficient method of populating a string array with file paths recursively from a given folder. Only the file paths are needed and; although not required, it would ...
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Powershell Core can't execute Cmdlet that Powershell can

When I try to execute Resolve-DnsName in a Powershell Core (Version 7.3.5) I get the error Resolve-DnsName: The 'Resolve-DnsName' command was found in the module 'DnsClient', but the module ...
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Bypass proxy for all web requests in Powershell Core

I have a work computer running on Windows in a corporate environment with an authenticating proxy server for outgoing connections to the internet. I don't know how it's configured, but many tools fail ...
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How to view services with no description only?

I have this piece of code Get-CimInstance Win32_Service | Format-List Name, Description which shows me all the services and their descriptions, but when I added | Where-Object {$_.Description -eq &...
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Is there any built in self upgrade command for upgrading in PowerShell 7.x?

I've recently installed PoweShell 7.1.1 on my fresh Windows 10 computer (19042). Now when I start it it says a new stable is available 7.1.2, upgrade now or check the release page. Question Is there a ...
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Powershell doesn't find certain files

I've recently run into an issue where Powershell (and only Powershell) refuses to run certain files. Outside Powershell, such as in explorer or in cmd, everything works fine. But in Powershell (...
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PowerShell Core 7 cannot find WSL

I upgraded my Windows 10 version to 2004 and installed Ubuntu in WSL 2. I can start it from PowerShell (via wsl). I can start it from CMD. I can see wsl.exe in C:\Windows\System32. It is definitely ...
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Powershell 7 / core in MobaXterm

Is it possible to add a new (saved) session to MobaXterm for Powershell 7 / future versions of Powershell Core? Currently the only option when adding a new shell session is "Powershell", which adds a ...
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Powershell Monitor Clipboard Change

I'm trying monitor clipboard change by powershell, and not consider to use comparing (Get-Clipboard) before and after change because it cannot distinguish between "two copy are identical" and "haven't ...
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youtube-dl - Download best audio/video, embed thumbnail, and convert to mp4

I've poured through the youtube-dl documentation. I've found what I thought was exactly what I wanted...but I've run into a snag, and I'm curious to see if any of the more advanced options of youtube-...
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How to install Telnet from a PowerShell Core prompt

To install Telnet in PowerShell you can run: Install-WindowsFeature -name Telnet-Client This unfortunately does not seem to work in PowerShell Core where it produces the following error: Install-...
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How do I enable syntax highlighting in PowerShell Core?

I have recently installed PowerShell Core through Chocolatey. My newly installed PowerShell Core doesn't have syntax highlighting (red circles in the screenshot below) nor does it append the ...
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Default OperatorColor ParameterColor black-on-black in Powershell console

For some reason, my PowerShell console renders these two elements black-on-black, making the terminal very hard to use. Running Get-PSReadLineOption Gives me: CommandColor ...
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How to install modules in powershell core 6.1 on linux

I would like to install powershell-yaml. Installing via Powershell Gallery does not work. The command Install-Module is missing on my system. What is the convenient way to install modules? using ...
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Powershell 6 missing cmdlets

Why are cmdlets like Test-NetConnection no longer available? It appears the entire NetTCPIP module is not in v6. Is there a list of depreciated cmdlets in Powershell Core? Get-Module -n Microsoft....
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