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Set background color of Windows 10 File Explorer Preview Pane?

I'm a big fan of dark mode, but I'm severely annoyed by the fact that the Preview Pane of Windows 10 File Explorer is completely white for file like .cpp, .h, .cs, etc... and I looked around the web ...
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In the file explorer preview pane how do I remove numbered lines from .txt files?

In Windows 11, how do I remove numbered lines from .txt/notepad files in the file explorer preview pane? Other files, like .docx, appear just fine. It's just .txt files that seem to have this line ...
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Associating a custom extension with an existing preview handler

I am trying to associate a custom file extension.vsi with my existing preview handler for image files. I don't know much about the .vsi format, and I know that it is a much more complicated/varied ...
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Windows Explorer's Preview Pane blocks HTML images in Windows 7

Why does it do this and how can I fix this in Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11.
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How to make Windows 10 File Explorer preview pane black background and grey text?

Windows 10 File Explorer has preview pane (hotkey to turn it on/off is Alt + P). It can be used to display content of text file and the default background color for it is white and the default text ...
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Windows 10 File Explorer Preview Pane blocks itself

As soon as I select a file, it shows the content in the preview pane, and is then immediately replaced with the message "This file can't be previewed because it is in use." If I click to disable and ...
8 votes
4 answers

Disable only Excel previews in Windows 10 folder preview pane

Pretty self explanatory title. I've got a Windows 10 machine with the preview pane turned on, because I often have to sort through PDFs. However, large Excel files hog the computer for 3-10 seconds ...
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2 answers

Why is Windows 10 Explorer preview pane not showing regular TXT files?

My Windows 10 preview pane in Explorer is not showing the preview for regular .txt files. It simply displays No preview available. How do I fix this?
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3 answers

How can I add default preview for files in Explorer?

If I click on a .ts (typescript) file and activate the Preview Pane in Windows Explorer, then I see a preview of the file: Why? Because I set Notepad to open .ts files. But I have .js files which I ...
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