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strip could not create temporary file to hold stripped copy: cause of error unknown

I am trying to run a singularity container on a CentOS7 host, which contains an application with Qt5 dependencies. I am experiencing a error where can not be used because of an ...
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how to install qt5 in debian 11 stable?

I'm trying to play an NES emulator named punes, and on its github page, it says I need to configure and build manually. When I do ./configure, I get configure: error: Qt5 library not found. However, ...
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Monospaced font in Manjaro

I have been a user of KeePassXC for pwd-management for a while not and am quite happy with that. When I started using Manjaro with xfce I have not been able to use the monospaced font in notes of ...
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QT Creator hangs on opening a file or project

My previously installed QT SDK 1.2.1 was working fine. Then, I tried to upgrade it to QT OpenSource 5.6.1. It was working fine. One day, it started hanging on clicking "File--->Open a New File ...
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Qt5 on Wayland - how to set keyboard repeat rate?

I'm running SwayWM. I set the keyboard repeat delay and rate in ~/.config/sway/config as: input * repeat_delay 180 input * repeat_rate 50 This works in everything except Qt5 applications. Qt5 ...
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