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How can I overwrite the default gateway which radvd is advertising

I have flat network with 7 nodes, one of the nodes act as the DHCPv6 server and also runs radvd. When used like that, radvd will use the helper node (local-link) IP as the gateway when sending the RA. ...
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How to setup ipv6 network from Hurricane Electric with fixed address delegation?

Please help with setting up ipv6 network on linux gate. I want to give clients a static ipv6 address from the HE routed 2001:471:70c8::/48 pool. I took the first /64 subnet (2001:471:70c8:1::/64) from ...
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How to update DNS AAAA record when SLAAC clients appear

I have a routed /64 from my ISP and I am running radvd. My clients (Linux, Windows) are working well without any additional configuration when they get plugged into the router. They all assign ...
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Use radvd to advertise Google (or any) IPv6 DNS Addresses to all clients?

I'm trying to get a NETGEAR R7000 running dd-wrt (DD-WRT v3.0-r35030M kongac (02/19/18)) to serve IPv6 addresses with their complement IPv6 DNS servers. IPv4 works as expected, and I have modified ...
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how to configure radvd for linux ipv6 router towards upstream dsl gateway

I am trying to get my home Linux router to also support ipv6 on the home network. I have a NVG599 DSL router acting as a GW to the public internet, and then my Linux router with two interfaces: eth0 ...
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How to retrieve the RA (Router Advertisment) Received by My PC?

I want to see all the RA (Router Advertisment) Received by My PC. Where I can found a uch information on my ubuntu linux system
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RADVD for IPv6 assignement, DNSMasq for DHCP handing out DNS for IPv6 clients - how to do?

As you know, Windows does not support setting up DNS via Router Advertisements (RDNSS) for IPv6. So it should use a DHCPv6 server to somehow get the needed address. I'm using DD-WRT on my router ...
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Ubuntu as a IPv6 router not taking default route from upstream RA

I've got an Ubuntu 14.04 box that acts as my home router. I've got an IPv6 /64 delegated by my ISP, and I'm using RA and the WIDE DHCPv6 client to configure IPv6. Everything works well, except no ...
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Radvd - prefix through RA

With Radvd running on my router, my client PC as everyone says on net "automagically" gets an ipv6 address. Is there any way I can use the same prefix which is published by RADVD in its RA and make ...
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can connect to ipv6 access point, but not communicate with devices

I am attempting to run a local ipv6 network and have gone through a number of tutorials, but with limited success. I'm running a server on the router/access point and it is the only device I need to ...
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What's better RADVD or DHCPv6 for local network with IPv6?

I want to enable IPv6 on my network. TP-Link gives me two ways to get IPv6 on my network: RADVD and DHCPv6. Which is the best solution? And if RADVD is better, should I enable RDNSS and ULA?
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Can't reach webserver from own ipv6 subnet but from outside

I am really confused with my actual ipv6 setup in my home LAN. From my ISP I get an ipv6 /54 prefix. That prefix is assigned to the WAN interface of my router via DHCPv6 provided by the ISP. Then the ...
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trying to include new fields in IPv6 Router Advertisements

A newbie here and I am working on a hobby project and trying to change the packet format of an IPv6 router advertisement packet using RADVD. But I do not know how to work on it. My plan is to set up ...
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Neighbor solicitation or advertisement not forwarded between interfaces

I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed in a VirtualBox VM on a Windows 8 host computer. Windows 8 had a hosted (wireless) network to which I can connect with my Android phone. The eth0 interface of my VM is ...
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Using Raspberry Pi as IPv6 router for network

I've succeeded in setting up IPv6 for my Raspberry Pi with However, I would like to share the /64 I got amongst the other devices in my network. The router of the network is a Virgin ...
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radvd won't accept non-/64 subnets

I'm trying to set up radvd on a 6RD configuration (on Linux), where I have a /64 subnet, and I'm trying to use it on two distinct physical networks, so I'm trying to give each of them a /80 subnet. ...
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