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Assign registry key last write/modified time recursively using PowerShell

One can view Windows Registry key's LastWriteTime by exporting key as TXT using Registry Editor: Key Name: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Audio Class Name: ...
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How to use the value of a cell to write a formula in the same cell?

I have a spreadsheet here. On Cell J2, I need to write a formula, but the problem is that I can't overwrite the cell as it contains the value which are to be needed for the formula. I can't add a new ...
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Will this program terminate for every Integer? [closed]

In a Part Test for GATE Preparation there was a question : f(n): if n is even: f(n) = n/2 else f(n) = f(f(n-1)) I answered "It will terminate for all integers", because even for negative ...
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Recursive DNS server answers with CNAME but does not return the A record

I have a recursive DNS server that forwards to my primary DNS servers in order to get a resolution. Take the example I have the below CNAME: 300 IN CNAME ...
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powershell select-string with recursion to specific file

I'm pretty sure Powershell's select-string will work for me with a bit of Get-ChildItem recursion. I have many directories like this: abc_123 abc_345 abc_567 abc_890 abc_111 abc_569 In each ...
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Merging Scripts...Wrong Type of File-Object (Maybe)?

I have a script that I used very frequently to get a list of files and then process them with ffmpeg, the beginning of which read: $files = Get-ChildItem -Path "Season *\*" -Include *.mp4, *.mkv, *....
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Recursively md5 files compared to stored .md5 file

What is the best way to MD5 3200 files in 167 directories using md5sum where all hashes are compared to a .md5 file that is already created in each directory holding the files to be check summed. I ...
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How to get rid of folder containing just three dots [...] (pointing to its parent folder)

On a (German) Server 2008 we found a folder with the name G:\Daten\Büro_GL\... When entering the folder ... in windows explorer it just points back to its parent folder (G:\Daten\Büro_GL). The ...
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How to recursively create a hash file (sha512sum) inside each folder of a tree?

For a given tree, say /var/ftpd, how do I create a hash file in each folder of that tree with the contents of that folder within a given tree? sha1sum and sha512sum does not have recursion options.
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Linux recursive rename files only

I am trying to recursively rename all files within a directory and subdirectories to lower-case but leaving the directory names unchanged. All examples I have found rename both files and directories ...
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Recursively compare file identities in Windows environment using only standard Windows commandline tools

I want to ensure that deep directories of files are identical after copying. I've read this answer: However, neither fc or comp offer recursion. How would one ...
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Recursively touching directories' last modified datetime as the same datetime of the last modified file inside

Previously I have ran dos2unix on every *.php file on my server recursively with this command: find . -name '*.php' -type f -exec dos2unix --keepdate {} + All files processed by dos2unix had its ...
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How to do recursive calculations in Excel?

I have a large spreadsheet document and I want to have a master worksheet that calculates fields from all of the worksheets. I know that I can just select a cell from a worksheet by explicitly naming ...
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ncftp - recursive deletion

I would like to recursively delete a folder and his subfolders. I use ncftp. This application provides rm and rmdir. I already looked up the manpage, but it doesn't help.
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How to rename files and subdirectories in bash command line?

In Rails sometimes I need to rename several directories and files, e.g.: app/models/person.rb app/views/persons/_person.haml app/controllers/persons_controller.rb ---- app/models/user.rb app/views/...
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Recursive Batch File

I have a file that looks this: head1,head2,head3,head4,head5,head6 a11,a12,keyA,a14,a15,a16 a21,a22,keyB,a24,a25 a31,a32,keyC,a34 a41,a42,keyB,a44,a44 a51,a52,keyA,a54,a55,a56 a61,a62,keyA,a64,a65,...
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Does Send mail can turn on external recursion in BIND DNS Server?

I've a Ubuntu 10.04 package from Godaddy, It includes BIND and Sendmail pre-installed. Normally recursion enabled for Internal DNS queries and recursion is disabled for External DNS queries. (Please ...
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How can I remove files containing whitespace recursively?

I'm having some trouble with this command under bash in Ubuntu: rm $(find . -name "*.exe") My aim is to remove, recursively, all files ending in .exe. But some files have white spaces and this ...
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How to Recursively Remove .svn Directories?

How do I recursively delete all .svn directories, starting with the directory I am in?
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When running `rm -rf`, is it possible to exclude certain subdirectories?

I routinely use bind mounts to aid in making space available in multiple locations without having to have multiple logical volumes / physical partitions / LUNs, etc. For example, I may have a 200G LV ...
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Resume recursive scp transfer (with rsync?)

I was transferring several thousand files each ~1MB via scp and my connection was broken after the first 2k files or so. I wanted to know if there was a way to resume the recursive transfer w/o ...
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A program to tell me what filetypes are in this directory

I need a program which will recursively scan a directory and tell me all of the distinct filetypes that are inside the folder
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