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Is it against spec to set a nameserver at the registrar to a CNAME alias?

I came up against an issue where some DNS providers were not getting data from our authoritative DNS server. Using a site like, I was seeing something like 30% of the nodes reporting ...
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???? How does one make contact with domain result of: RDDS service of the Registrar of Record [duplicate]

I am trying to locate owner of domain: LinkedInPro.CO I have reviewed WHOIS and it states REDACTED FOR PRIVACY. Further, Admin Email: Please query the RDDS service of the Registrar of Record ...
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Can top level domains disappear if countries cease to exist / malfunction?

This question comes from a possibly stupid idea, but I want to make sure its as not-stupid as possible. I want to tattoo a QR code on my arm, that encodes a website. The domain has to be as short as ...
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Is there a way around being required to use GoDaddy as the registrar when using a custom domain with Microsoft 365 Family?

I want to use my own domain with my Microsoft 365 Family plan, but there is no way I am transferring it to GoDaddy. Is there way way around this “requirement” or am I stuck?
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Domain name reserved: it doesn't show in any registry, but it is not available. How to get it?

I am trying to register a .com domain name for a NGO (non profit). They already own, let's say, and I'd like to register on their behalf. There's nothing special about that ...
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Trying to Add Registrar DNSSEC Records, - Need Some Guidance, Please

I have created DNSSEC records for my domain using an old guide from [ ] and I would now like to add ...
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Relationship between Registrar and DNS Server

I don't quite get how registrar and DNS server interact. What happen when I enter (assuming that i bought it through name cheap and point the DNS server to DO). Is it something like: ...
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DNS and Registrar

If I set up a DNS server at let's say my house, like with a Windows server. Would I be able to get a .com domain that will work with my games like Minecraft or TF2? Or do I still have to pay for a ...
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How can a domain name be registered and showing content but not have any DNS or nameserver entries?

I have done a whois lookup on but even though it outputs a test page at and a whois lookup shows the registering party, there are no DNS or ...
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Subdomains on .io domain [closed]

I am thinking about buying a .io domain. After reading their rules for domain-registration ( Rules), I am not sure, if it's allowed to have subdomains on such a domain, because a subdomain is, ...
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Registrars who forward email without filtering? [closed]

I currently have my personal domain forwarded to my gmail account. Unfortunately, many emails to my domain are being incorrectly blocked by the registrar's mail agent's spam filter. I have tried ...
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Registered domain 'list'

This question is similar to what I am wanting, but not quite. I have searched, without even a hint of success, for a way to 'browse' all registered domains by TLD - not just per registrar. P.S.: If ...
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Authoritative name servers and registrar

When I resolve a domain (let's say, my request contacts the root servers, then the .com servers and they return the authoritative name servers for but do I get back the ...
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Is a DNS allowed to reply with different IP than the one stated at the records in the domain name registrar?

Is a DNS allowed to reply with a different IP than the one stated at the records in the domain name registrar? I am especially interested in the case where the DNS is provided by an ISP.
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Run web site from home

I want to set up the web server at my home. I already have registered for the domain name. I do not want to use hosting services. How should I set up the Apache and the settings with the registrar of ...
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