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Averaging film transfer from 59.94fps to 24fps using ffmpeg?

I have some video files which were transferred from black-and-white film to 29.97 fps interlaced. The film was transferred too darkly (meaning that it requires some brightening), and it also has some ...
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Is there a way in linux to change the resampling when outputting a lower resolution to a bigger monitor?

My monitor is 4k but my graphics card isn't great at handling 4k gaming. I want to be able to switch to 1080p. My issue is that 1080p looks fuzzy. An image displayed in 1080p looks fuzzier than the ...
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How do I resample audio to the original stream sample rate in a filter?

I have an audio filter_complex in ffmpeg (, Windows) along these lines: [0:a]a_bunch;of_filters;that_end_up;resampling_the_audio;aresample=????[a] That is, ...
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How to enhance 22.05 kHz speech audio material for listening purposes to 44.1 kHz?

I have found a really interesting radio novel on the web, and I would like to attract attention of one of my acquaintances to it. Unfortunately the audio material has poor quality, only 22.05 kHz and ...
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Is it possible to use Audacity as a simple sample editor?

It's a weird question but here's my workflow. I want to be able to open a WAV file from other DAWs, like Ableton or Reason in Audacity. Apply some effects and maybe do some slicing, then get the ...
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How should I decide on a default audio format? [closed]

I see that Windows sets the default output format at 16-bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). Most of my music is in this format, but most of my movies use a 16-bit at 48 KHz format (named DVD quality in the ...
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Why is preserving the pitch in audio playback (allegedly) less performant?

In VLC for Android, i discovered an option to preserve the pitch during faster-than-normal playback: The "requires a fast device" obviously implies that faster playback is more performant when the ...
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LIBFAAC cannot resample channels

Im using avconv to convert video files into MP4, but whenever I try to encode files with 6 or 8 channels into 2 channels using libfaac I get these error messages: Can not resample 8 channels @ 44100 ...
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Change CAF (Core Audio Format) volume without resampling

I've converted some MP3 files to CAF, but unfortunately all of them have inadecuate volume intensity Is there a tool to change their volume without resampling, to avoid any possible loss in quality ...
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Why noises appeared when convert 16bit wav to 8 bit wav, how to avoid it?

We have some 16bit/8000HZ/Mono/PCM .wav files, we need to convert to 8bit to use in our telephone system. But after conversion, we found there're many noise appeared in the 8bit .wav files even if ...
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Image Upsampling

I don't know if this specifically belongs on Stack Overflow; but I will post it here with hopes that it will be moved to the right section (if this is indeed the wrong section). I have Photoshop, and ...
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How do I rescale large images?

How do I reduce the dimensions of large .png images? I've tried GIMP, Paint.NET, and IrfanView, and they work well for smaller images but won't even open larger ones.
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How to change audio frequency?

I want to change the frequency of an audio file. Meaning: the whole file should sound (say) one octave higher or lower. How to do it? Using ffmpeg or other command line open source tool would be ...
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Resampling embedded raster images in SVG

I have a batch of SVG files with embedded, high-res PNG images. The PNG files have been resized considerably smaller (via transform, matrix, etc). What is the best way to resample these embedded ...
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Converting a .mp4 file throws "Resampling with input channels greater than 2 unsupported." error

I am trying to convert a mp4 file into flv with 2 audio channels & sample rate of 44.1 Khz (because .flv does not allow higher than that). Here is the pastebin for the error. As seen from the ...
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