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reStructuredText is a lightweight markup language intended to be highly readable in source format.

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Text editors; Unicode; the zero-width non-joiner character

I need to edit text files that contain unicode characters (in ReStructuredText for input to Sphinx). I'm pretty confident that most text editors will store and display most Unicode characters ...
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.rst (reStructuredText) files not rendered in the browser

I was told by some people to write my documentation files in .rst since this format was apparently already rendered by default in browsers like Firefox. Now, I open one such file on Firefox under ...
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Can Emacs be set up to display Python code in Python mode and display docstrings in ReST mode?

I often edit Python code in my Emacs and have it set up to display Python files in Python mode. I often find myself formatting dosctrings as ReStructured Text and I was thinking that it would be great ...
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How to reformat reStructuredText?

I'm writing reST in vim, which handles line breaks for me (after 80 chars). However, since I frequently go back and edit the text before, lines get ugly again. For example, in tables, it's sometimes ...
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Spell checking reStructuredText

I'm writing and correcting API documentation in Sphinx using reStructuredText. Does anyone know of a good spellchecker that will handle this format, or a bunch of Unix/Linux tools that will allow me ...
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wiki for sphinx+ReStructuredText server

I've been using Sphinx as a document engine for an internal document server in my company. It uses reStructuredText as its markup language. Today, I need to edit the source files manually, compile the ...
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