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Outlook : to detect incoming email of many accounts, how get rid of of the search folder itself (not only the old searches virtual folders)

I have several accounts and wish to see when a new email arrives. For that, I need to reduce the number of lines with email folders to see more accounts. Therefore I wish I could get rid of the "...
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Windows batch file to move folders based on partial foldername

i want to move folders to other folders based on their partial foldernames for example: FolderA\uuuPMuu\ FolderA\iiPMddd\ FolderA\wwPMii\ FolderA\uuuUEuu\ FolderA\iiUEddd\ FolderA\wwUEii\ all ...
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How do I find images based on their numbers in the Excel file?

I have 1,015 images in a folder and this image is classified into seven types and these types are categories of medical diagnoses of skin cancer, and the same images are classified in the Excel file ...
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2 answers

Hide blank emails in outlook Search Folders from PersonMetadata folder

I created a Search Folder in Office 365 Microsoft Outlook (version 1906) and it shows a lot of what looks like blank emails that I don't see in any other folder. I found out more info on where they ...
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When I create a custom search folder in Outlook that uses "Read equals No" criteria, reply does not work

I tried to create a custom search folder similar to the non-custom "Mail either unread or flagged for follow up" folder, but it is not working as expected. I am using the Query Builder. My criteria is ...
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2 answers

Find folder using batch

I'm trying to make a script that helps to go through a big library with lots of folders, names and numbers. The part numbers are divided in 4 parts XXX.XX.XX.XXXX. To help the searching the library ...
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How to search folders ending with a character windows

I have a many folders, I want to select all ending with 30 and move them to another folder, can that be done easily in windows or DOS ? Its a one-off task
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1 answer

Fastest way to search through files

I'm making a software that would count the amount of files stored in the hard drive(s) ordered by extension. The software collects such data as: file name, extension, file size, file create date, file ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Any way to customize Windows 10 Search (or replace with other)?

I am surprised how unfriendly is Windows 10 search. it doesn't have columns to be sortable (i.e. by size, name or etc..) it doesn't have to open that file location "in new window" (when you open ...
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Outlook Search Folder: Search actual e-mail address, not Display Name

I need an Outlook Search Folder that finds e-mail by searching the sender or recipient's actual e-mail address. For example, if I want find all messages from senders in the domain, I use ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Changing a folder name in a Windows 10 profile, but access it using the old name

I have the following folders in "%USERPROFILE%/Documents/" : Folder1, Folder2, Folder3 and so on. I want the user to be able to change its name, but still being able to access it using "%USERPROFILE%/...
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1 vote
3 answers

Find folder contents difference on WIndows 7?

I have a larger folder containing all my SVN files. I got attacked my a virus destroying some files but also corrupting SVN config files, so now TortoiseSVN cannot recognize it as a SVN folder. I can ...
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Share "Search Folder" Parameters In Outlook 365 (not the contents of the searched folder)

I am on a team that rotates the responsibility of parsing through a number of log results that are sent by e-mail. We are using Office 365 e-mail and have individual work e-mail accounts as well as a ...
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Where does Anki store media?

Where does Anki store media such as pictures, sound recordings, etc? I have tried to export the deck, but it doesn't show the location:
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2 answers

Search Folders for arbitrary email headers in Outlook

I would like to create a Search Folder in Outlook for a non-standard email header. Namely this one: X-Bugzilla-Changed-Fields: Status Resolution Is it possible to search on such headers? I'm using ...
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2 answers

How can I search for e-mails by user in "To..." or "Cc..."?

I know that I can create a search folder that finds all the messages from or to a given user in Microsoft Outlook 2013. How can I create a search folder that finds all messages that a given user was ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Outlook search folder for email that is X minutes old?

Is there any way to create a search folder in Outlook that lists email that is X minutes old? The earliest I see is 1 Day old in Outlook 2010, but I can go to Advanced and select: Field ...
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How can I create a Search folder that contains multiple object types in Outlook 2007 from a secondary mailbox?

I added an additional mailbox to my account. I want to create a view that is similar to the 'to do list' view that exists for that user. This means I want a search folder that searches that mailbox ...
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2 answers

Outlook Search folder -- How to filter messages that have one category but don't have another?

I'm coming from a Google Apps setup at my old company to Outlook 2007 at my new company, and I'm trying to make it feel "more like home." I plan to use Search Folders to handle my Status labels, but ...
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1 answer

Use Search folder in Outlook 2010 to search in multiple mailboxes

My Exchange email account has a limited quota so I move some messages to a local .pst file. I created Search Folders that filter messages by specific categories, but it only locates messages in my ...
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Outlook 2007 Search Folder to capture all email related to a domain

I would like to generate a series of search folders in Outlook 2007, so that I can quickly view all emails related to a specific email domain. Using the query builder, I've created criteria for OR +-...
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2 votes
6 answers

Outlook Search Folder - Unread Mail in shared mailbox

I have a user who is trying to configure the Unread Mail search folder for a shared mailbox in Outlook 2007. I believe last time we accomplished this by doing an advanced find, and saving the search. ...
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