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Sieve vacation mail reply, copy to sent directory

I search how to make a copy of each mails send in reply by sieve vacation sieve script. My actual script sive require ["date","relational","vacation"]; # rule:[Avis d’...
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Horde/ingo filter with dovecot sieve not matching From

I have the following sieve script (generated by Horde's ingo program): if address :all :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :contains "From" "Apotheke" { discard; stop; ...
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How to forward and change the origin of a message via Dovecot Sieve script

I want to forward an incoming mail to another recipient. However, the recipient is only accepting mails from my email address. Is it possible to forward a mail and change the sender via Sieve? The ...
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Is it possible to create a sieve rule to sort existing emails?

I have made a (very) simple sieve script to sort incoming emails, but I was wondering if it is possible to sort existing emails into folders using sieve? I'm very new to sieve and I couldn't find ...
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Change mail subject with sieve based on content

I have a mailserver with dovecot and sieve enabled. My bank sends me a mail when an incoming/ougoing transaction is made. However, it's a general subject "Transaction occured", the actual ...
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Replacing a long list of Sieve rules with a generic rule

I have a couple of Sieve rules like this: if header :contains "To" "[email protected]" { fileinto "shops/shop1" ; } [...] if header :contains "To" "...
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How do I create a sieve script in dovecot that sends a vacation autoreply from the userdb, like LDAP?

The sieve vacation described at allows a vacation message to be defined and sent by dovecot. By default, the text of the vacation message is hardcoded in the ...
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Cyrus Sieve runtime error claiming Mailbox does not exist

I recently installed CentOS 8 after backing up my CentOS 7 system and seemed to have botched something when trying to get cyrus-imapd back up and running. Mail is delivered correctly but the sieve ...
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How to change a message's subject in a Sieve rule?

I am subscribed to a mailing list that does not identify itself in the subject of mails sent via the list. I would like to have list mail delivered to my main inbox, but still be able to identify them ...'s user avatar
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