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Horde/ingo filter with dovecot sieve not matching From

I have the following sieve script (generated by Horde's ingo program): if address :all :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" :contains "From" "Apotheke" { discard; stop; ...
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Is it possible to create a sieve rule to sort existing emails?

I have made a (very) simple sieve script to sort incoming emails, but I was wondering if it is possible to sort existing emails into folders using sieve? I'm very new to sieve and I couldn't find ...
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Replacing a long list of Sieve rules with a generic rule

I have a couple of Sieve rules like this: if header :contains "To" "[email protected]" { fileinto "shops/shop1" ; } [...] if header :contains "To" "...
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Sieve rule for search body

I am using Protonmail and I am looking for a Sieve rule example. I want to add a Sieve filter rule that if a message was from [email protected] and the message body contains "this is the body" then ...
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How to change a message's subject in a Sieve rule?

I am subscribed to a mailing list that does not identify itself in the subject of mails sent via the list. I would like to have list mail delivered to my main inbox, but still be able to identify them ...'s user avatar
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Sieve rule for catch-all email setup: Filter into folders based on alias

I'm running a catch-all email setup with my own domain (mydomain.tld). My hoster offers me to create arbitrary Sieve mail filter rules. I would like to create a rule that moves all incoming mail to a ...
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Write a Sieve (language) filter to search an body and header of a message for a list of strings

I have the following rule in sieve to filter out messages containing various words in foreign languages: if body :raw :contains [ "choix", "comprovante", ... # ...
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Clarification about sieve rules needed ... :contains with or without anyof/allof?

I started refining my sieve rules recently and became a bit unsure about how :contains actually works. I checked out but it still didn't clear up the question I ...
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