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How To Get VLC Multiple Playlists With A Single Instance?

Requirments: I need to get VLC to have the ability to: Add many playlists. Deal with each playlist separately. Have the player remember every playlist play position when moving between them. I need ...
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how can i trigger jenkins automatically ,when there is push in gitlab?

Have configured jenkins & sonarqube on AWS Instance Have To do Want to trigger jenkins ,when there is push in gitlab Jenkins detect push from gitlab & repo fetched is passed to sonarqube ...
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pycharm python console single instance

I'm using PyCharm community edition 3.3 How can I disable multiple instances for each file running in python console? In previous editions there as a checkbox in the Run -> Edit Configuration window,...
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Single-Window Mode for multiple worksheets

Is it possible in Microsoft Excel 2013+ (the plus currently means 2016 too) to open multiple sheets in the very same work space? Basically View=>Split but for different worksheets. The reason I ask ...
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Is it possible to open multiple instances of programs in Windows?

Some programs only allows single running instance, Is there any way to generally break this in Windows for all programs? Am currently working with Windows Movie Maker and need to open multiple ...
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Windows 10: Have single instance of application across multiple desktops

I am new to the multiple desktops, and I am trying to allow a single instance of a program to show up in all of my desktops. I would like to have programs such as Spotify, Outlook, and Skype open on ...
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How to access amazon instance using localhost instead ip address?

I create instance of amazon server. Now i can access it using ip address. But i do not want to access amazon instance using ip address. So, any way to access amazon instance without ip from URL. Like ...
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Unique tab/instance browser?

I'm helping my grandma start using a computer,she has trouble understanding when her double clicks are registered with the OS and often ends up clicking more times that necessary.Since the only ...
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Allow single instance for Q-Dir file manager

I have Q-Dir as the default file program and when I open a new folder, it opens another instance of Q-Dir. But I want to restrict it only to a single instance. Is there a way to allow only single ...
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Need two Excel windows side by side, on different monitors, in the same instance

I have to do work between two spreadsheets and I need to view them side by side. I can't just open the workbooks in separate instances because I need to make use of features like paste formatting, and ...
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