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Smart playlists are playlists of media created based on criteria, rather than based on manual choices.

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iTunes Smart Playlist... comparing values across playlists?

I'm not entirely sure this is possible at present, though I am tantalizingly close! Maybe with "nested" criteria for the smart playlist...? I'm a keen editor / remixer of tracks. Every time ...
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How to fix VLC sorting playlist wrongly?

Scenario: VLC 3.08, the playlist have more than 20 tracks and is sorted as follow 1. VideoA 2. VideoB (...) 11.VideoX 12.VideoY (...) 20.Video Z (...) Problem: The sorting by title ends up like this ...
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VLC Playlist with random selection from folders

I would like to make a simple playlist in VLC where the first file is loaded randomly from folder "A", then the second one randomly from folder "B", then loop from beginning and load different files ...
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How to create a playlist after trimming down another based on rating?

I want to create a mp3 playlist after trimming down another playlist (m3u). New playlist should contain only those mp3 whose "RATING WMP" ID3 tag value is 4 or 5 (this ID3 tag is used by WMP & ...
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How to create really random smart playlist in iTunes?

How can I create a smart playlist which would contain really random songs? Is there any hint how to do it? I've tried to set up in the "Match the following rule" chars like *****, / or ., ...
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iTunes Smart Playlist combining 2 genres

Let say for example that I want an iTunes playlist that includes All Hip-Hop and Rap songs. I create a smart play list with: Genre > contains > Hip-Hop Genre > contains > Rap But then ...
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Watch folder with VLC

I love VLC but would love it even more if I could get the media library to watch a folder so it updates when new movies download. Is there a way to do this? I'm on a mac.
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How do I make an iTunes smart playlist by track rating, not album rating?

I have a smart playlist in iTunes which is all the tracks I've rated 5 stars. I recently rated an album 5 stars, now it shows up in the playlist. Apparently unrated tracks inherit the album's rating....
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Does iTunes provide a way that I can structure a Smart Playlist to include all songs from three non-Smart playlists along with X GB of random music?

I have three playlists: P1, P2, and P3, along with the Music library. I always want all songs in P1, P2, and P3 to be in the smart playlist. However, every time I clear the Smart Playlist, I want all ...
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Is it possible to make a smart playlist in iTunes that's comprised of tracks from unique artists (no one artist appears twice on the list)?

I can't figure out a way to get iTunes to create a playlist where every song in the list is a different unique artist, and no artists or songs are repeated. Is this possible? (using iTunes 10, 64-bit,...
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Restrict an iTunes smart playlist to contain only entire albums

I'm trying to create an "albums not played for the last 3 months" playlist, that I could sync onto my iPod. Is it normal that autofill always chooses the same songs out of my library to fill the iPod ...
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Preserving smart playlist order on iPhone

I have a smart playlist configured to play my favorite podcasts during my commute. It's a list of audio-only, unheard podcasts: In iTunes, I've ordered the playlist by Release Date -- i.e. I want to ...
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