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Pending sector count went down to zero without being reallocated?

A week ago I had a smartctl alert saying that the Current Pending Sector count went up to 1. The alert had repeated for 4 days, and stopped. I was expecting for the sector to become reallocated, but ...
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old hard drive: interpreting smartctl output

I have been getting numerous e-mails from the 'smartd' daemon with Subject: 'SMART error (CurrentPendingSector)' saying that The following warning/error was logged by the smartd daemon: Device: /...
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smartd: What Warnings Do I Heed, Which Do I Ignore?

I've enabled smartd on my Gentoo box, but now I've got a torrent of warnings in my logs and in Logwatch. My question is basically if these warnings should be dealt with, or squelched - and if there's ...
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SMART Errors in Logwatch

I have an older Dell Precision 530 running CentOS 5.5. I am seeing these errors in logwatch: -------------------- Smartd Begin ------------------------ Currently unreadable (pending) sectors ...
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