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Open Windows Snipps to Desktop

I take screenshots using Windows Snipping Tool. The flow is frustrating: Win+Shift+S to open the tool. Take the screenshot. Snipping tool closes and Windows generates an alert. Open the Notification ...
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Snipping a document that is more than 1 page

So when I have a document and it's more than one page that I want to snip, how do I "highlight" the whole document and paste it into a word document, so then I would have it all one page?
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How I can make Greenshot pattern start from 1 to 9999999?

I recently started using Greenshot and it's a fantastic program for Capture, but I have problem with ${NUM} pattern. It starts like this: 000001,000002,etc.,... How I can make it start like this: 1,...
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Close all Snip & Sketch windows, without having to save/discard for every window

If I'm writing a Confluence article, I'll often use Shift+Win+S, grab what I want, highlight a piece of the image with the editing tool, and then Ctrl+C it so I can paste it into my article. When I'm ...
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How can I disable or change the shortcut for snipping tool in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge appears to have a version of "Snipping Tool" in the browser. You can use it with the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + X". I don't have any need for this and the shortcut ...
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Windows 11: How to reinstall Snip & Sketch

I did uninstall the old deprecated snipping tool from windows 11. But now I see "snip & sketch" is uninstalled too! I removed it via right-clicking on the snipping tool in the start and ...
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Programmatically disable notification for Screenclip/Snipping Tool

My application is using ms-screenclip: URI scheme to launch Windows 10/11 built in screenshotting tool. My question is,...
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Windows+Shift+S cannot paste image, have to open snip & sketch first and click on copy before I can paste

I want to directly just be able to paste my screenshot after using Windows+Shift+S, I used to be able to do paste immediately but I do not know what have caused this issue. After using Windows+Shift+S,...
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How can I take a screenshot in a pre-defined area by X and Y coordinates without needing to drag my mouse imprecisely over the area?

I just want to screenshot certain areas of my screen based on precise coordinates. Instead of dragging the mouse across the screen or taking a full screen screenshot, I'd like to type in the ...
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How to do PDF snipping (image extraction) with filename added to image?

I was doing some literature research and was copying together (extract figure in Adobe PDF) figures from a large number of papers. It is super tedious to keep track from which publication, which ...
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How to snip same part of screen as last time?

In windows 10, I can use the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch to snip a part my screen (basically a screenshot + crop to selection). I would like to snip the same part of the screen after I perform ...
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Capture context menus in Snip & Sketch

In the built in Windows Snipping Tool, if you want to capture context menus that disappear when you move the mouse off of them, you can start a new snip, then press ESC, then expand your context menu, ...
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Screen shot drop down menu with snipping tool

Using the Windows snipping tool, it is not possible (or is it?) to get a screenshot of a drop down menu. As soon as you select "New" in the snipping tool's toolbar, then the drop down menu disappears....
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Since Win 10 1709 upgrade, Snipping tool 'Send Snip' does not work

Since upgrading to Windows 10 1709, the snipping tool 'send snip' button does not work. Instead of opening Outlook 2016, it give me an error message of 'The snip could not be sent. Check that an email ...
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Snipping Tool's save file location on Windows 7? [closed]

Clicking on "Save" and "Save As" option seems to be doing nothing.
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Microsoft Outlook 365 pastes images large images from Snipping Tool

Copying any image from the default "Snipping Tool" (via Ctrl+C) and pasting into MS Outlook 365 (via Ctrl+V) results in a super-large image being displayed. The instructions here did not work (https:/...
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Snipping Tool zoomed by itself

I have an issue with my snipping tools where it is zoomed in when i clicked New snip. Why is that and is there a way to fix? When i clicked New snip, it is only 1/4 of the screen and zoomed in. I ...
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Windows snipping tool highlight straight

In the Windows Snipping Tool, I would like to know how I can use the highlighter tool to draw straight lines?
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Cannot maximize snipping tool to 100% (full screen)

I am having a problem with snipping tool. I can't not maximize snipping tool to 100% (full screen) as you can see in the picture below. Hope someone know how to fix this. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. ...
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How to create screenshot using Windows snipping tool with cut out border?

I see screenshots like the one below that have "uneven" (cut out like) borders. I was told they were created using the built-in snipping tool. I don't see that option inside the app on my Windows 10. ...
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Win10 snipping tool: clipboard empty after closing app

I have found out a very strange behaviour of the Windows snipping tool coming with the latest Windows 10 version: when the snipping tool is exitted, it empties the clipboard, no matter what was inside ...
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Fastest way to screen-shot part of screen in Windows 10

I have Windows 10 Pro. I'm a science teacher and a frequent user of the in-built snipping tool in Windows 10 Pro. I often create screen-shots of small parts of my screen to make "how-to" documents for ...
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How do I disable a shortcut file shortcut key that was already removed?

I set the "Shortcut key" in the Properties window of Windows' Snipping Tool to CTRL+SHIFT+4, but I have since installed ShareX and I tried to set the CTRL+SHIFT+4 to ShareX and I removed it from ...
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Where is the Snipping Tool in Windows 10?

Where is the Snipping Tool in Windows 10? I can't get it to appear in my start menu when I'm typing its name, like I could before Windows 10. Is there a built-in alternative? (Of course, ...
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windows snip tool, capture scrolling page

I'm trying to capture a scrolling page using windows 8 snip tool. I've tried the window capture option but it just captures the visible part of the page, not the part that would be revealed by ...
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Is there a way to have Windows Snipping Tool append Outlook's signature to emailed snips automatically?

I've recently deployed a logon script in our company to standardize signatures in MS Outlook. Someone has brought an interesting issue to my attention. When using the Snipping Tool to directly email a ...
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Windows Snipping Tool default screen selection

With Windows Snipping Tool i'm able to select an area in my screen and save the image. Is it possible to set a default selection-size? I'm trying to auto-screenshot a specific area of my screen and ...
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How to remove watermark with Windows snipping tool ( windows 8 )

When I use the snipping tool and take a screen shot I get a water mark that says 'full screen snip' in the center.Is there a preference to remove this and if so how?
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Snipping tool in Windows 7 + 10: Save images with lowercase PNG file extension?

The snipping tool in Windows is sufficient for quick screenshots. The only (and annoying) problem is that it saves all files with a uppercase PNG extension, e. g. screenshot.PNG As there are no ...
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How can I open multiple Snipping Tool instances in Windows (7)?

It's faster for me to open a new Windows Explorer instance with Windows + E than it is to find an open one, and I really wish that when I have Snipping Tool running, I could hit Ctrl + Alt + S and ...
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Windows snipping tool highlights the wrong area

Using the Windows snipping tool, when I go to highlight, it highlights the wrong place, an inch or so above the area I was pointing. It appears to be some kind of mouse pointer scaling issue - a small ...
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Auto-snip with snipping tool Windows 8

I would like to use Windows Snipping tool in a simple matter: When I start the program I want it to automaticly start a rectangular snip. I am using Windows 8. When I used the same program in Windows ...
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Can I assign "Print Screen" as a shortcut for Snipping Tool?

I'm using the Snipping Tool on Windows 7. When I click on the Snipping Tool's Properties in the Start menu, I can assign a shortcut like Ctrl+F12 to it Can I also assign only the key PrintScreen as a ...
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Snipping tool in Windows 8 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can I use the snipping tool to take a screenshot of the windows 8 start screen or modern apps? When I open an application, say IE, in Windows 8, it occupies the full screen. ...
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"The Snipping Tool is not working on your computer right now"

I've got a couple of users who get this message when starting the Snipping Tool (the one that comes shipped with Windows Vista). As the error says, the problem is solved by rebooting the computer but ...
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How to: draw freehand circles with shadows?

Normally i like to draw freehand circles on screenshots in order to draw the reader's attention: But now i want to bring my freehand circles to the next level, and include drop-shadows. Normally i ...
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Windows 7 Snipping Tool: huge white border around image

When I use snipping tool the picture itself is inserted into a substantially bigger canvas. (I'm not talking about the 1px border around the area which can be enabled/disabled by "Show selection ..." ...
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Cannot get Windows snipping tool to auto run with AutoHotKey

I am trying to get Windows 7 sniping tool to run when I hit my PRINTSCREEN keyboard button with AUTOHOTKEY. I have been unsuccessful so far though. Here is what I have for the AutoHotKey script. ...
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Windows 7 : snipping tool is gone

I have windows 7 ultimate build 7600,but i can't seem to find the snipping tool anywhere It used to be there,but i can't find it anymore,I tried the start menu search,but no use it's not even in the ...
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Can Windows 7 or Vista's Snipping Tool capture a screen 10 seconds later, and capture the mouse pointer as well?

I wonder if Windows 7 or Vista's Snipping Tool can capture a screen 10 seconds later, and capture the mouse pointer as well? The thing is that sometimes we need to capture the thing that "pops up" ...
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