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Bundling Windows Applications

I am looking for a way to bundle a collection of support files for my windows application created with PyInstaller. The PyInstaller OneFile is too slow to instantiate, but I am worried about the ...
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4 answers

How can I prevent McAfee Security Scan from being installed, bundled with other apps?

Much like Ask Toolbar is bundled with Java (and other applications), I've encountered several instances of applications bundling, and luring the user into installing, McAfee Security Scan. Adobe, I'm ...
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How can I prevent Toolbar from being installed every time Java is updated?

As many are painfully aware of, Oracle continues to not only bundle the Java installation with the useless Internet browser toolbar from, but also enable its installation by default. In ...
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How can I prevent Ask Toolbar and Ask Toolbar Updater from installing when jucheck installs an update? [duplicate]

I know about Can I permanently prevent Java security updates from installing Yahoo Toolbar?, but the accepted answer (use offline installer) keeps the Java auto-update (jucheck.exe) from downloading, ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to install Bonjour Service without the Print Services on Windows?

Apple provides this link to download and install Bonjour. After installation, it includes 2 products - the Bonjour Service itself and Bonjour Print Services. Is is possible to install only the ...
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Can I permanently prevent Java security updates from installing Yahoo Toolbar?

Each time I get a Java security update, I have to remember to untick the box to install the yahoo toolbar browser plugin that they've decided, for some mad reason, is an important security feature of ...
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