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HP Envy 13t (2019) Hinge Mechanism Issues

I bought an HP Envy 13t (2019 edition) laptop in September 2019, in the US. Before purchase, I called HP Customer Service to find out whether the first year of warranty would be internationally ...
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Mabook Pro: replace with display assembly from later model possible?

Can the display assembly in a MacBook Pro 15" late 2008 ( MacBookPro5,1) be replaced with a display assembly from a later model with identical Model Number A1286 and size (15.4")? The APN for the ...
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What are the standard system unit case screw use?

I am planning to build a system unit using second-hand parts. But these second-hand parts don't come with screws so I am thinking of buying a set but there are so many to choose from. What is the ...
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Laptop battery replacement (MSI) [closed]

So I bought a used (almost new) MSI laptop two weeks ago. It is a GP62MVR-7RF Leopard Pro. Everything is looking great on the outside & doing great on the inside. 1 problem, obviously : the ...
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Replacing Laptop parts, what/how to search for

Recently my laptop needed some attention; the plastic lid and the front plastic were replaced (the plastic part that holds the monitor in place secured to the hinges). This got me thinking, I need a ...
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What can I do with a bunch of old 1GB/512MB DDR2 RAM sticks? [closed]

I've been a parts-hoarder for too long, and buy stuff when I shouldn't. As a result, I have a whole bunch of relatively small denominations of RAM lying around. I've got like 10 or 12 SO-DIMM laptop ...
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Where can I get a power adapter for a Visioneer 4400 USB scanner?

My parents have a reasonably ancient Visioneer 4400 USB scanner. The power supply has died. (I figured this out because I have a hard drive enclosure with a very similar power supply, and it worked.) ...
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What should I do with my old memory?

I just replaced the 2 1GB DIMMs in my MacBook Pro with 2 x 2GB DIMMs. What can I do with the old memory?