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Why scheduled Tasks not running on Windows Server?

I have several scheduled tasks stored in Windows Server 2016. But none of them are executed at the appointed time. If I run them manually, they will run properly. I have also created some tasks in the ...
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Allow remote computer access to SQL Server via SQL Server Management Studio

I have both SQL Server and Windows on version 2016. I am trying to set the firewall to allow SQL Server Management Studio to connect from my PC to it. I have created an entry for port 1433 TCP local ...
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SSMS 18.2 gives error when performing DDL

We upgraded to SQL Server 2016 SP1 and SSMS 18.2 last week. Today I've been trying to execute DML in the database and am getting this error message: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Procedure ...
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How can we prevent our regular maintenance plan from rebuilding our columnstore indexes?

The problem is that our regular maintenance plan that rebuilds indexes on all databases that are over 30% fragmented regularly rebuilds our new columnstore indexes which maxes our CPU and runs the ...
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SQL Server will not restart after moving tempdb

I'm building a SQL Server on AWS. Everything works fine until I try to move the tempdev and templog from the default locations to separate disks. From SSMS I execute the script (see below), but the ...
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Culture error when loading subscriptions, SSRS 2016

When attempting to load subscriptions in Sql Reporting Services 2016 users are receiving this error: Microsoft.ReportingServices.Portal.WebHost!reportserverwebapp!5f!05/31/2019-16:15:48:: e ...
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SQL Server analysis service (SSAS) running on domain account - SSMS connection error

I have SSAS running on stand alone SQL Server (not clustered). SSAS was originally running under LocalSystem account and things were working fine. I changed SSAS to run as the domain account as part ...
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MSSQL Intermittent TCP connection error on high frequency queries to Linked Server (connection pool related?)

I have four SQL Agent jobs that are running continuously. Each job is executing a stored procedure which queries recent ATM transactions, all via the same linked server. This happens in a loop within ...
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SQL Server's Maximum Workspace Memory decreases over time - only instance restart to increase it

This is an SQL Server 2016 CU2 instance with 15 GB configured as maximum RAM usage. MDOP is at 4. The databases in this instance are very sporadically queried by users and this is a read-only ...
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SQL Server Management Studio dialogue cut off

When trying create an Extended Events Session on a SSAS instance using the SSMS GUI, the Advanced tab (and only that) is visually cut off, only displaying part of the dialogue. So far I have tried ...
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SQL Server performs dramatically after upgrading software

I’m new to this but I’m desperately hoping for a breakthrough. I’m a Support specialist that works for a company that develops software based on visual intelligence and only three days ago, I’ve ...
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LDAP connection - how to query active directory and get this information?

I am following this article below: Querying Active Directory Data from SQL Server and for me to get it right I need the following information below. Querying Active Directory Once the linked server ...
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SSMS 2016 fails to save settings

By default, SQL Server 2016 is configured to store data and logs in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA and backups in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13....
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