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White pixel irregularly appears/disappears on Windows 11 + disappears on mouse over

I'm puzzled. I have been doing some gaming on my Lenovo laptop lately and two days ago I noticed a white pixel on my Windows 11 desktop. Moving a dark background window over/under that pixel actually ...
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Computer displays stuck/damaged pixels normally, and then fails to show them when in fullscreen/popup

my laptop (ROG Strix G17 G713IM-DS71-CA) has recently started displaying a small circle of stuck pixels in the middle right of the screen. I was researching possible ways to solve this when I noticed ...
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Why does the screen display dead pixels at 144 Hz, but not at 60 Hz?

I'm using Asus TUF Gaming F15 which is working really fine for me, but recently I noticed that at 144 Hz there is a black horizontal stripe (dead pixels) at the bottom of the screen. When I change the ...
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What kind of pixel defection is this? Can it be fixed?

I recently purchased a monitor which unfortunately comes with a very strange defective pixel. However, I also came across a very old post which describe the symptoms perfectly, though sadly with no ...
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Can spots of inactive black pixels transmit to the other part of the screen?

I've found a very old laptop in my house (probably 14 years). I remember the screen was damaged because of pressure on the upper right corner. Something came between the lid and the base of the laptop ...
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Dead pixel count growing when the computer is shut off?

My computer is a Samsung Chromebook 3. I have a clump of dead and stuck pixels on the bottom left of my screen. I know that dead pixels can be nearly unfixable, but a few things i have tried have ...
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Calculating how many dead pixels I have on my Monitor

I think I have a (or several) dead pixels on my Acer 24" Monitor (Model Name: HA240Y Part Number: MM.T97SI.001) Their policy says: Dead Pixel Warranty Policy The table below shows the allowable ...
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White pixel on laptop screen moves around

Recently, a bit after I start up my laptop, there is a white pixel that is stuck on the top left area of my screen. When I shut my laptop down though, as it says "shutting down" the white ...
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1 answer

Why does the dead pixel on my monitor keep reviving and dying?

I have an Asus ROG STRIX 49 inch ultra wide monitor... and unfortunately I have a dead/stuck pixel I tried many programs online(JScreenFix, PixelHealer, UDpixel, etc...) as an attempt to remove the ...
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How can I imitate the video codec of a Canon DSLR?

I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (100D) with a stuck pixel in the screen that really bothers me out. I'm trying to play one of these "dead pixel fixer" videos on the camera in order to bring it to life ...
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Pixels in Fedora 29 show up as “dead” but they are actually active

I get blocks of dead pixels on Fedora 29 (The same happened with 28). But they are not dead. When I go to the applications overview, or when I am logging in to the computer, the pixels work fine. But ...
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Is screen replacement the only solution?

From the last 3 Month my laptop screen is having some pixel issues but from the last 10 days the pixels are turning bluish green. I think this is stuck pixel issue and I have used and ...
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Is this a stuck pixel on my Apple Cinema display?

I just bought an Apple Cinema monitor and I just found what I think is a stuck pixel. I don't know if it's possible to fix it or not. It looks pink, but it changes to back (black?) if you drag it over ...
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Dead or stuck pixel? Weird pixel behavior

I have a very weird problem. I recently discoverd a blue dot on every dark/black image i opened. A dead pixel? It couldn't be, a dead pixel does not receive any energy and would be a black pixel on ...
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PC Stuck at boot screen

PC Stuck at boot screen set up as image below. What could possibly go wrong?
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Ordered a new laptop; it came with a stuck red pixel. Can it be fixed? [duplicate]

I ordered a new laptop and it came with a stuck pixel. It's a red one, so I think it can be fixed. Although, the methods don't seem to be permanently fixing it. I'm using a program, UDPixel, and it ...
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21 votes
1 answer

When I see a black pixel only on a blue screen, is that a stuck pixel or dead pixel?

I have pixel on my LCD that appears black only on a blue background; it works fine on other colors. Is this a "stuck pixel" or "dead pixel"?
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2 answers

LCD Horizontal Line with Changing Color : Dead Pixels or Stuck Pixels?

My monitor recently started showing a black horizontal line yesterday. I tried searching for some solution on the internet and found some good suggestions. Now, recently I noticed that the color of ...
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Remove a green line appearing dead middle on my monitor

A green line has started appearing on my monitor. Whenever I start my computer it's there. But only twice it managed to disappear by itself but only after four or five hours of usage. Is there any ...
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3 answers

Huge area of stuck pixels

A toddler slammed down my laptop screen while an iPod was laying on top of the keyboard. The damage resulted in a massive area of stuck pixels on the laptop screen, approximately 2 inches by 10 ...
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1 answer

Dead or stuck pixel during booting

Greetings to all the experts,currently i'm facing a problem on my monitor,it can't show anything during booting,this bugged me as i can't look into BIOS setting,this is the video i've captured. part ...
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2 answers

What should I do when I first get an LCD to deal with any quality issues?

I just ordered a new Dell 2209WA. Reviews seem to indicate it doesn't have any known quality control problems, but I read in general about LCD's and how people check for dead pixels, even unsticking ...
56 votes
5 answers

What is the best way to fix a stuck pixel on an LCD screen?

I have an LCD screen with a pixel that is stuck ON (that is, bright). What do you suggest to fix it (it's not a dead pixel)?
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