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TeX Live is an initiative by the TeX Users Group to provide a complete distribution of the TeX system, including binaries, utilities, and fonts.

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Modified Windows 10 registry and now get this error popup message

I asked a question a while ago (Opening Windows 10 application with custom .exe target addition globally) which worked perfectly for TeXlive 2022. I have updated to TeXlive 2023, followed the answer ...
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What file extension do OpenOffice Dictionary files have?

I have a program that supports importing OpenOffice Dictionary files for use with its own spell checker, which I would like to do since the language I want to write in isn't available as a built-in ...
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mount operation not permitted in ChromeOS developer mode

I want to install texlive on my Chromebook by enabling the builtin developer mode of ChromeOS, which runs debian on a virtual machine. So, I downloaded the ISO file of texlive from here. The problem ...
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Fixing broken package dependencies on debian, broken pipe error

My texlive package got broken, I've tried to reinstall it but when I run apt --fix-broken install broken pipe error comes out. I've done apt-get autoclean, apt-get autoremove, apt-get clean and it's ...
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LatexTools not installing in Sublime Text 3

I am using Sublime Text 3 on Ubuntu 18.04. I have been trying to install the LatexTools package using Package Control. However, each time I try, the package seems not to have installed - it does not ...
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How to do updates to TeX Live under WSL?

I want to use latex inside WSL (Ubuntu 18.04 is what shows in my Apps and Features) because I want a linux-based install (to use bash scripts, etc.). I managed to install TeX Live following ...
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Setting up LaTeX to compile elsewhere?

How can I set up a compile server and editing client on different machines? Context I use my netbook for document editing, but it doesn't have the storage space to run a full TeX distribution. It is ...
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can't start biber(bibLaTex Compiler), although it is successful installed (fedora21)

solved Hey, i installed texlive-biblatex* , but strangly i cant start it, using "biber". $ biber bash: biber: Befehl nicht gefunden... Also i cant access the manpage for bibLaTeX: $ man ...
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Install package by file provided in yum/dnf

At least on a recent Fedora system, it is possible to install a TeXLive package by specifying a .sty file, which is great, as in yum install 'tex(amsmath.sty)' It also work with dnf, the soon to be ...
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Pdf viewer that handles live updating of pdf/doesn't lock the file

I'm working on a latex document (with pdflatex, cygwin, acrobat reader) and I'm am tired of the make - close - open process. On osx with Preview I don't have that problem, since I can compile the ....
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How can I switch between pdflatex and xelatex conversion in Sublime Text 2?

I often switch between compiling "classic" LaTeX and XeTeX documents. Sublime Text 2 has a package called LaTeXTools that allows you to build LaTeX documents via a simple CmdB. Neat. The build file ...
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Search /usr/local/texlive directory with Spotlight

Having TeXLive installed on my Mac, I frequently need to consult documentation for some of the packages. It seems silly to Google this when I have the PDFs all on my HDD in /usr/local/texlive/2011/...
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How to run Texlive with SUA?

Is it possible to run the linux version on SUA (Subsystem for Unix Application) on windows? or if I have to use the windows version, is it possible to use it with SUA?
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Which Ubuntu 10.10 package provides the LaTeX class res.cls?

I am trying to find res.cls! I've been looking for quite a while for res.cls but have not found it. All signs point to it being in texlive-latex-extra, but as far as I can tell it wasn't provided. I ...
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Texlive package manager in Ubuntu 10.4

There is no texlive package manager in Ubuntu 10.4 even if the version of texlive is 2009. Is there some package which should be installed?
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Telling aptitude I've already installed something

Hi, I know this might be a non-sense question, but I have to ask. I installed TeXLive 2009 on Ubuntu 10.04 (x64), but I did it manually with the "install-tl" perl script following the directions on ...
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How to create and install all relevant font-metrics and fontmaps of a TrueType font on Linux for (pdf)TeX?

Essentially I have found this guide, but it is for miktex, i need a guide for texlive on Debian/Ubuntu which will not pollute dpkg installed texmf. I'm interested in converting TrueType font to be ...
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How to install Texlive on CentOS?

How can I install texlive in CentOS? I'm trying yum, but it has repos only for tetex. Where to search for?
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Vanilla TeX Live 2009 on Ubuntu

I installed TeX Live 2009 by following the instructions at Then, to make my local TeX Live installation work with the Ubuntu package management system, I ...
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What are the differences between MikTeX and TeXLive?

Under Windows, what differences are visible to the user? If you are already familiar with one (MikTeX in my case), is it worth it to try out the other?
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