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TextMate 2 is the open-source successor to TextMate, an OS X text editor.

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TextMate 2: Add a file association to an existing bundle

My question is directed related to this question. The difference is that TextMate v.2.0.6 appear to have evolved to the point where answers to that question are not helping. Question: How to add a ...
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How to Merge Textmate Windows?

I accidentally double-clicked the tab header, and TextMate moved the tab into a separate window. Is there some way to merge it back or disable the doubleclick nonsense altogether? I know about "Window"...
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How can I embed additional languages in TextMate 2's “HTML” bundle?

TextMate 2's "HTML" bundle ships with built-in support for highlighting HTML tags, the contents of CSS <style> tags, and the contents of JavaScript <script> tags. However, I'd like to ...
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How to force Textmate to open file in New Window, always?

How to force Textmate (is for Macs only) to always open file in a New Window without setting projectDirectory = $CWD... which kinda screws up project search. Yes, I'm willing to go as far as ...
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How to disable soft wraps for single file in TextMate 2?

I want to keep "Soft Wrap" enabled by default, however for some files I need to disable it so I will not need to click "Disable Soft Wrap" every time I open the file. Is it possible? Thanks.
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How do I configure TextMate to source ~/.bashrc when executing shell scripts?

Currently when I attempt to use the Shell Script bundle in TextMate to execute an open shell script, it uses its own environment variables and does not source my user's ~/.bashrc file before execution....
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Set TextMate 2 as default editor

How do I set TextMate 2 as default editor for text files in Mac OSX Sierra? According to the 2nd answer in I ...
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Hyperlink to file in TextMate

I use TextMate to edit LaTeX documents. Let's say I have the file foo.xlsx on my Desktop. In my .tex file how can I add a hyperlink to foo.xlsx, so that when I click on the link, the file is opened ...
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getting yml syntax highlighting in textmate2

I ignored the prompt of textmate2 to to associate yml files with yml by mistake, and instead chose .txt. the result is no syntax highlighting and i can't figure out how to fix it. Installing and ...
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Webmate Textmate Plugin for Textmate 2.0

I downloaded the new version of Textmate last night (v 2.0 build 9515). I tried to load it with the Webmate plugin which allows you to display HTML pages that your coding in a preview window and it ...
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Setting TextMate 2 as Git's difftool

Is it possible to set TextMate 2 as the default Git difftool/mergetool? If so, what are the commands? I have found instructions for the diffmerge tool here, but I would like to try it with text mate,...
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Bad current working directory for Textmate 2

I'm using TextMate 2.0-alpha.9427 on OS X 10.8.2. Since two days, when I run a script (Python or shell script), instead of the directory of the script itself, the current working directory is ...
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Comment bundle in TextMate 2 produces errors

I'm very fond of TextMate's "Comment Line/Selection" bundle, which lets me use ⌘-/ to comment or un-comment highlighted lines. Recently, however, when I use that key combination, I get this error: ...
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TextMate 2 “Go To Symbol” not working for PHP

I’m running TextMate 2.0-alpha.9419 and experiencing this issue: the editor doesn’t see my method definitions within a class, and won’t let me jump to them via “Go To Symbol”. The only method that TM ...
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How do you save a recorded macro in TextMate 2?

TextMate 2 has a round red button in the bottom right corner of each window that pulses when clicked and records a macro of your actions while it is on. As far as I can tell the only way to replay a ...
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How to install TextMate 2 in OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

Have searched but have not found a TextMate 2 .dmg file available for OS X 10.7 (Lion). Is there one downloadable online? Also, there are pre-built binaries for TextMate 2 here:
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What is the path to the 'mate' executable in TextMate 2's app bundle?

On a fresh installation of TextMate 2 the mate command will not install. The TextMate > Preferences > Terminal > Install button does nothing. Am I correct in assuming that the mate executable ...
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How to get syntax highlighting working in TextMate 2

I just cloned TextMate 2 from GitHub. Followed the instructions in the readme file and everything went smooth with the installation. However, there is no syntax highlighting. No problem – just need ...
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Syntax Highlighting in TextMate2 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to get syntax highlighting working in TextMate 2 I pulled TextMate2 from GitHub and built it but I can't get the syntax highlighting to work. I've installed the bundles ...
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Expand/Collapse project drawer folders in TextMate 2

I don't know what I did, TextMate 2 expanded the entire files of my project in the sidebar. Now the performance drastically went down. I can't able to figure out how to collapse it.
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How do I create a new snippet in TextMate 2?

How do I create a new snippet in TextMate 2? When I go to Edit Bundles I can't figure out how to create a new snippet.
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How to move TextMate 2 output pane to a new window

So I've been trying TextMate 2 out and one of the changes is split panes. Now when I run rspec tests the output appears in a split pane at the bottom of the screen. Has anyone figured out how to move ...
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