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How can I use this LCD TFT screen as a (wired) second display for my Windows Laptop?

I'm looking at getting one of those small and cheap car monitor displays and having it as a second display for my laptop: Now ...
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How do you connect BeagleBone black to a LCD screen with a 40-pin TFT Friend?

I am a student in computer science and I am currently working on a project to create a gameboy from scratch with only a Beaglebone Black REV C, a 40 pin TFT-friend that I bought here, and a 5'' TFT ...
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Why is my TFT screen blurry?

I got 3 refurbished PC+TFT 19". All TFT shows a very blurry image. I estimate the TFT's are 2-3 yrs old. The PC's running Windows7 Pro. The resolution is set to the TFT native values. It could be ...
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Dell Vostro 1720 - Screen won't display when started, but will display after being tapped a few times

A friend of mine has a Dell Vostro 1720, and he says that when he switches it on the screen will be blank. It remains blank until he taps the back of the screen on both sides a few times. After this, ...
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Which TFT panel types are better than PVA? [closed]

I have a SyncMaster 173p Plus monitor right now which have a PVA panel. Comparing my current monitor with a Sony CRT, the CRT clearly had a much better picture. So I would like to come closer to ...
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Are there tools to reduce or eliminate LCD Image Persistence?

As with the asker of this question I have a monitor which suffers from terrible LCD Image Persistence problems. After a few hours, static elements on screen start to persist and in some areas of the ...
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4 answers

What happens if I pierce a TFT monitor?

What happens if I pierce a TFT monitor screen with something sharp (say a steel nail or an awl)? Will only the pierced region malfunction or the whole monitor screen? There's an opinion that in this ...
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3 answers

How good is the old NEC Multisync 2180UX compared to todays panels? [closed]

The NEC Multisync 2180 UX is a faily old Panel ( I think TFT). Back then it was a top of the line product. One of the best ones you could buy when it comes to image quality. How well do you think this ...
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Are TFTs intended for brightly lit enviroments only? [closed]

I recently bought a 22" (LG) TFT to replace my old 17" CRT monitor. The very first thing I noticed was how bright it was. I reduced the brightness from 100 to just 20 and toned down the gammma and ...
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2 answers

"Burned in" pixels on TFT monitor

If an image is displayed long enough on my TFT screen, a "shadow" of it is still visible like a semitransparent overlay for some time. The longer it is shown, and the brighter the image, the longer ...
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6 answers

TFT Native Resolution / Visually Impaired User

I’ve been asked by a visually impaired friend whether it’s possible to improve the image quality of a TFT that’s not running at its Native Resolution. She’s recently purchased a Samsung SyncMaster ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Is it possible (yet) to use old laptop TFTs as extra monitors?

I have several old laptops laying around which are in various states of brokenness. It would be nice to be able to use the TFTs as extra (small) monitors on other computers, or to use them to hook up ...
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