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Merge cpu cores for specific program [duplicate]

Minecraft is an old game that was coded to use only one core, which is bad for performance today, so I was thinking if there is a way to like merge 2 cores for that specific program and make the ...
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Assigning 1 CPU to do 1 Thread

I am implementing a code that create a pulse output via a digital IO for stepper driver. However i notice when there is a 'stray' program running (ie anti virus), the output(duty cycle) will become ...
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Is there a "collected together" explanation of the threading and atomic support in C11?

I want to start using some of the atomic locking support in C11 to speed up some existing multi-threaded code, but I'm struggling to find a reasonably concise yet complete description of the various ...
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Is it possible to merge CPU cores?

Back in the past there was something called hyperthreading where a single CPU core acted like two cores. But is it possible to merge two CPU cores to an single one to improve performance on programs ...
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How many threads can I run when using an Intel Core Duo CPU to speed up bulk data download from Amazon S3 in a custom application?

How might I find out the maximum number of threads I can use? I'm new to programming, so I'm trying to figure out what I need to know. I have 950 GB of files to download from Amazon S3. I was thinking ...
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Group by discussion without tree in Thunderbird

Is it possible to group messages by discussion (with keep sorting by date) without tree? In other words: limit discussion tree by 2 (1 level - top message, 2 level - all other messages in selected ...
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Find other mails of the same thread in Thunderbird

I really love the threaded view in Mozilla Thunderbird. Because of this, I store my sent mails in the inbox, so I can move a whole thread to an archive folder in one drag and drop. Sometimes I get ...
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When you start multiple threads on a multi core processor, are they guaranteed to be processed by different cores?

I have a Pentium core i5 processor, which has 4 cores. If I do this in a C# console program var t1 = new Thread(Thread1); var t2 = new Thread(Thread2); t1.Start(); t2.Start(); are t1 and t2 threads ...
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What is a user thread and a kernel thread?

I know what a thread is, and I know how they work, but I'm quite confused as to what a user thread and a kernel thread are in terms of what they are allowed to do. Can you please clarify what a ...
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Building an improvised 'supercomputer' by connecting a number of used PCs in a LAN

I am in ongoing development of a simple but processor intensive computer program that I use for scientific research. It would be really helpful to have more processing speed. Right now I'm running Mac ...
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Building Python 2.7.1 on Mac OS X, import threading and a KeyError Exception

Original Problem: I am building Python 2.7.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.7 and am having issues with a KeyError exception being thrown from the threading module when Python is quit (likely on the atexit call). ...
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Merging threads in Thunderbird [duplicate]

Is it possible to merge threads in Thunderbird? I recently got into a discussion where one person was consistently not using "Reply", but starting new threads. I'd like to merge all such emails into ...
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Which processor/core is this process/service using?

What can i use to monitor which processor/core/thread an application is using? I have 16 processors and want to know which processor a specific application is using. I am running Windows Server 2003 ...
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Does the Windows scheduler allocate equal length quanta to threads?

Is the time slice (quantum) that the Windows Kernel Dispatcher allocates to threads the same length for every thread, or does it base the size of quantum on the priority of the thread like Linux does?
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"Manual threading" in Thunderbird?

I use Thunderbird's threaded view of email messages to group emails together which are related. However, sometimes people will reply to messages using some mail program which does not properly set the ...
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How can a single threaded application like Excel 2003 take more than 50% of a hyper-threaded or dual-core CPU in task manager?

I'm waiting for Excel to finish a recalculation and I notice that the CPU usage as reported by Task Manager occasionally spikes to 51% or 52% on a Pentium 4 with hyper-threading. How is a single-...
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Combine in- and outgoing mail in Thunderbird in one folder

I have configured Thunderbird with IMAP to an Exchange server. I have an Inbox and a Sent items folder. I can turn on message threads in the views for these folder, but the threads will only show the ...
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Can Mozilla Thunderbird show sent replies in threaded view?

I would like for Thunderbird to show replies to threaded messages in with the received messages. Is this possible, even with an extension? The desired behavior would be something like how Zimbra's ...
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