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A twisted-pair copper cable terminated according to the TIA/EIA-568A standard on one end and TIA/EIA-568B standard on the opposite end forms a:

I was going through some A+ practice exams when I came across this question: In modern Ethernet networks, A twisted-pair copper cable terminated according to the TIA/EIA-568A standard on one end and ...
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What is meant by conditioning of a cable? [closed]

I just came across this, "Twisted pair cable supports a maximum data rate of 1Mbps without conditioning and 10Mbps with conditioning." What exactly does conditioning mean. EDIT: I came ...
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How do I ground my SFTP keystone without a patch panel

With the fiber optics being offered for my old small house [60m² build in 1990], I wanted to avoid using Wi-Fi and use an ethernet connection. The length between where the fiber outlet will be and my ...
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Which TIA/EIA-568 terminations I need to plug an AP with PoE to a switch?

I have understood that I have to use the same termination (wheter it is 568A or 568B) in the cable when it is intended to plug a PTE device such as a PC, printer, etc. to a PCE device such as a router ...
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Flat ribbon network cables sold as UTP, are they really twisted, and how?

I am about to buy some network (Ethernet) cables for home use, and am looking at the flat ribbon variant as here: However, given the very flat form and no visible structure that actually suggests ...
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How does twisted-pair improve DSL?

The extension to that question is does TP improve DSL over long runs? The reason I ask is because when I plug my DSL modem inside my home, I get a 1/3 speed reduction over when I plug it directly into ...
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USB LAN Adapter and Twisted Pair

Can I use a USB to LAN adapter to make a Twisted Pair Cable Connection between tow PCs?
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Is there a twisted pair standard for video+power+RS485?

I am building a PC-based security DVR. I am using Cat6 to carry the video signal (converted via balun), power, and RS-485. Is there a standard or convention for which twisted pairs I use for which? ...
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Is cat5e cable good enough for audio?

We have plenty of cat5 in the house. Is it OK to use one cable as stereo audio (connect headset with TV)?
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Where are coaxial cables and twisted pair cables used relating to computer and device interconnection?

Is there some thing like a coaxial cable that can be used to connect same type of computers? And twisted pair cable can connect only computers (all types)? The answer is yes it depends, but can ...
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