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Questions tagged [usb-power-delivery]

Questions regarding the delivery of power via a USB port for charging or powering a device.

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20V from Dell Precision 3581 USB C/Thunderbolt 4 Port with Power Delivery

USB-PD provides up to 100W of power through the USB-C Port, so I wanted to use 20V power from my Laptop to power my device. According to the data on the Dell homepage regarding the ports, they are ...
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Iiyama monitor disconnects frequently over USB-C in Windows 10

I have been using Dell XPS 13 9370 with Lenovo 4K monitor connected with USB-C cable only (USB-hub for mouse + keyboard, power delivery 60 W) and it was working smoothly. Recently I bought a new ...
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Laptop won't charge using USB-C hub with power delivery

Wondering why my laptop doesn't charge using the USB-C hub with power delivery only after reconnecting the power source to the hub. List of Devices: Laptop (LG Gram 15 2022 lg-15z90q-gaa56p) USB-C (...
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Options to provide Type-C Power Delivery from a Type-A host

So in my vehicle I have some Type-A ports and those can be used with a phone to get Android Auto. Of course this is the 5V, 500mA standard and this can be enough to have a small net power for my Pixel ...
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Can a USB-C phone charger charge a mouse or headphones?

Can you charge a wireless mouse or headphones with a USB-C phone charger? Both devices came with a USB-C cable and are meant to be charged from a laptop. I want to avoid warming, shortened battery ...
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How to automate powering of a USB port?

The Problem I have a bonkers KVM switch configuration to control 4 monitors across 2 PCs and a raspberry pi, and due to the nature of my configuration one of my monitors occasionally needs to have a ...
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Powering Power Delivery device with non-PD cable/splitter

I know that USB-C splitters don't follow the USB spec, but I have an use case where I actually need to run one cable, but get two USB-C cables out. Neither will have data, but they will have power, ...
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USB Power Delivery - Only charging or also 'powering' devices?

I recently bought a laptop that is able to be powered via USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 on 100W (20V). From what I understand, PD (3.0) can be used to charge the battery, but also 'run' a device, i.e. the ...
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Why has my phone started charging slowly from my laptop's USB port?

I understand that not all USB ports are created with power delivery in mind, and therefore some charge devices slower than others. What confuses me is the change in behavior. I swear around two years ...
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Driving a USB-C (video and power) monitor from regular Displayport or HDMI connection from a non-USB C PC?

There are a few display devices available now that use a single USB-C input for both video (Displayport alt mode) and power (USB Power Delivery). However, only devices equipped with the appropriate ...
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Can I use the same USB-C port for power delivery and video at the same time?

I've recently bought an LG 17Z90P-K.AA78A1 laptop. According to the spec it has "USB 4 Gen3x2 Type C (x2, with Power Delivery, Display Port, Thunderbolt 4)" I've been ploughing through the ...
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How can I detect the USB-C power delivery voltage?

I have an HP laptop which I charge with a USB-C charger through the USB-C port. I have no idea which power delivery (PD) version it has and if it's PD-compliant at all. However, as the charging works, ...
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What is the functional purpose of a PD type-C port on a desktop board?

I've had the ASUSTeK Maximus X Hero Wifi for several years now, but only recently realized the on-board type-C port is intended for PD. Then a few seconds later, I realized how paradoxical that was: ...
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How do you find out if a USB Port is powered on a remote Windows Machine?

Is there a way to find out remotely if a USB port on a Windows machine is powered for charging or powering devices?
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Can I inject USB Power Delivery through a hub or some other device?

I've ordered some computer speakers that are powered via USB type C. They can run off normal USB power but will sound better if they can get extra juice from USB PD. Unfortunately my ageing PC does ...
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Does a USB-C Power Delivery splitter exist?

Does a USB-C Power Delivery splitter exist? I’m considering purchasing an Apple 96W USB-C charger, which could Fast-Charge 2-3 devices at one time with that amount of power. The only downside is that ...
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Howto repair broken USB-C Power Delivery cable?

tl;dr: What are the requirements for a PD capable USB-C cable and plug? As the USB-C plug/jack of my Dell charger is mechanically broken, I want to replace it. So far, my naive attempt to simply ...
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