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Import Vcard (.vcf file) to Nokia 3310 3G phone

I want to import a .vcf file (with many contacts exported from an iphone) into a Nokia 3310 3G cell phone. I'm doing a test file first. The procedure is: load the file on a PC change the format of ...
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Matching phone numbers within a vCard or CSV

I have an iPhone with Whatsapp, and a Windows PC with Outlook 2016 that also runs iCloud sync, to sync Outlook contacts with iCloud. Somehow, phone numbers from one contact have been copied over to ...
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1 answer

How to import all e-mail addresses from vCard contacts into Thunderbird

When I import my vCard contacts that I exported from Roundcube into Thunderbird on my ubuntu machine, it only imports one e-mail address, even though the vCards contain multiple ones like this: ... ...
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Support OSX vCard extensions on Windows/Thunderbird

Let me explain. The built-in address book client in OSX ( allows you to create groups of contacts on a CardDAV server. The way it does this is that it uploads on the server a vCard that ...
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0 answers

What's the most convenient way to edit multi-card vcard files (.vcf)?

I have my contacts exported to a VCF file (a vCard) file. But they're partially messed up for reasons I won't go into. I'd like to edit them, making some changes to individual entries and some changes ...
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Properly import all fields from 'Windows Contacts' to Thunderbird

I want to migrate/import ALL information of my contacts to Thunderbird. On my Windows 7 system I carefully managed my contacts including birthday, gender, spouses and children. But I'm having trouble ...
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1 answer

Outlook contact info as a vcard or .msg file

I'm creating a contact info file which is uploaded to our website and linked to in coworkers signatures. The most common file is a vcard but I've had issues where it only allows 4 specific phone ...
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1 answer

Importing Google Contacts in Windows Contacts

In Windows 7 there is a very simple contact application, Windows Contacts, and I was trying to populate it with contacts from Gmail. I exported all of them as a single vCard (.vcf) file from Google ...
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How to convert vcard (.vcf files) to an Excel Worksheet?

How to convert vcard (.vcf files) to an Excel Worksheet? There are several vcards . How to import all of them to Excel at once?
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How to read QR-based vCard on Windows & Mac OS, with USB scanner?

I'm generating QR codes that contain vCards, and these can be consumed just fine by smartphones, e.g. with software like RedLaser, etc. For the desktop I have a barcode scanner that can read QR (2D), ...
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Roundcube vcard Import Not Working

I am trying to import contacts to RoundCube version 0.82 address book, on a Dreamhost server, with no plugins installed. Every time I get the message "Successfully imported 0 contacts." I have ...
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Syncing contacts regarding Android, vCard & Exchange

My aim: To import a list of contacts in the format of a vCard (.vcf) file into sync with a cloud server using Microsoft Exchange, for use with an Android device. My problem: The bunch of contacts ...
3 votes
2 answers

How to efficiently merge a lot of vCard files for the same person?

I currently have contact information at several places: old PDA's address book mobile phone's phone book (primarily name, phone number) email client's address book (primarily name, email) web mailer'...
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7 votes
5 answers

How to export all contacts from Outlook 2007 as vcard?

Is there a way to save all my Outook 2007 contacts as vcards? There is no option under menu File > Import and Export... One can export each contact one by one by selecting the contact and choosing "...
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convert rtf to vcard (vcard code in rtf file)

This is sample of my rtf file Ñ(,G_ Ñ(,G_ VERSION:2.1 REV:20071103T021433Z N: ;;;; END:VCARD Ï(,G_ VERSION:2.1 REV:20070314T081620Z N:KALMKARI;ABDUL TEL;PREF;VOICE:+91989xxxxxx END:VCARD Ï(,G_ ...
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