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Questions tagged [veins]

Veins is an open source framework for running vehicular network simulations.

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Can TraCI and Veins run in parallel?

Is it possible to change the behavior of a single vehicle such as lane change and speed with TraCI and make vehicle-to-vehicle communication with Veins possible? I'm sorry if there are some points ...
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How to increase the speed of omnet++ simulation for veins

I am running veins simulation with 512 Cars and 1 RSU. Simulation is really slow. **Event #5553920 t=5.2235743222 Elapse:434.0.39s (12h 03m) 26% completed Speed: ev/sec=136.352 simsec/sec=4.46673e-05 ...
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Veins No such file or directory error

I am new to Veins, I have followed the series of steps mentioned in the Veins website for installation. Until step 3 is gone well, but at step 4 I have the following issues. bash: cd: C:Users ...
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Error when connect RSU to OpenFlow Switch in OMNeT++

I want to simulate a VANET based Software Defined Network (SDN). I successfully integrated SUMO with OMNeT++ using Veins. Then I imported INET, OpenFlow. An error appears when I added gates to the ...
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