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Add 'Save as webp' To windows 10, Right Click Context Menu

I would like to know if there is a way to add 'Save As WebP' image file format to windows 10 right click context menu. Through the registry. WebP images are a new file format that is designed ...
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How to make firefox Web Developer Panel for css back to the right panel ?

This Feature by default was removed in firefox (problably firefox 20). The new design is realy not accessible enought for my 14" laptop. How can i bring it back ? Alternatively, maybe i can ...
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Installer Dialogue preventing use of Visual Web Developer 2008 Express

Just recently I have found that between five and ten minutes after starting a Visual Web Developer session, a Windows Installer box pops up, saying "Preparing to Install". This Installer box doesn't ...
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How do I get split-screen mode for Visual Web Developer 2010?

I want to view both the preview of the page I am working on and the code, so as I edit the code I can instantly view the changes I have made.
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Can I install Microsoft Visual Web Developer w/o a SQL Server Express installation?

When I attempt to install Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, it forces an installation of SQL Server 2008 Express, which is okay. However, it forces it to have the instance name SQLEXPRESS ...
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SourceSafe Visual Web Developer 2010

Does anyone know if there is a SourceSafe plugin for Visual Web Developer 2010
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How repair/uninstall Visual Web Developer 2010 Beta 2?

I cannot uninstall Visual Web Developer 2010 Beta 2. When I was trying to uninstall the first time, the power went off to my machine and screwed up the Beta 2 installation. I cannot find a Visual Web ...
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I can't find SQL Server 2008 (or 2005) on my computer but it is installed

Can anyone tell me how I can find SQL Server on my computer? I downloaded MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. The MS Web Platform Installer 2.0 tells me that SQL Server is already installed on my ...
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