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Badly formatted emails when forwarding

Has anyone else seen this problem? I read my email in a browser (same problem with IE11, FireFox, Chrome, Edge). We get our email from our on-site MS Exchange Server. When I use the "forward"...
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Telegram web client does not remember my login in Firefox?

I have recently reinstalled Firefox (my OS is macOS 10.14 Mojave) and the Telegram web client no longer remembers my login. Always used to work fine before, but not anymore. Every time I start ...
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How to allow all IP traffic to activate

Windows Server 2003 Ent x64 (I know it's no longer supported but we have to fix some application bug before it can be upgraded to a new platform because of certification requirements) Fresh install ...
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Testing connectivity to FTP server with PowerShell Test-Connection

I try with this script, but it didn't work for me $file = "test.txt" $filePath = "C:\" + $file $server = "ftp://server" IF (Test-Connection -ComputerName $server -Quiet -Count 1 -ErrorAction ...
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Enable VMWare web client?

I have a dedicated server that was upgraded from VMWare Exsi 5.5 to VMWare 6 recently. I used to use the desktop application to control remotely my dedicated server however I kept get a warning since ...
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Where are the files being currently downloaded or unsuccessfully partial download files from Telegram Web being stored on my PC?

UPDATE_2: Even on closing Telegram Web and reentering, I get the same problem of empty clicks on Download link under the same files that had the problem before. UPDATE: Some of my friends have ...
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What is the point of desktop client software, when a web-service is available? [closed]

I am thinking of services like Slack. The web version of slack is very nice and usable. However, they also offer a desktop client. Since desktop notifications are available for the web version, and ...
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Windows 7 WebDAV cookie management

We have a problem where cookies are persisting on Windows 7 Webclient which connects to a WebDAV share. Does anyone know where these cookies are stored? Is it the Temporary Internet Files? Or is it ...
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Webclient (fom Mozilla) under Linux

I could not start Webclient under Linux ( due to factory class for GTK could not be found) Does anybody know the solution of this problem?
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