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Why can't Windows Mail app display email content properly?

Received: from localhost (unknown []) by (Hmail) with ESMTPA id BD1498401A0 for <[email protected]>; Mon, 29 May 2023 13:09:56 +0800 (CST) MIME-Version: ...
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What port does windows 10 Mail app use for smtp server by default?

If I do not add a port after the SMTP server, what port does Windows 10 Mail use by default, 465, 587, or 25? I checked on all the options including "Require SSL for outgoing email".
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Windows 10 Mail: "Your Gmail settings are preventing us from accessing your email"

In Windows 10 Mail, there's a yellow header at the top saying "Your Gmail settings are preventing us from accessing your email. In the Gmail settings, make sure IMAP is enabled and that Show in IMAP ...
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How can i stop my windows 10 mail app that pop-ups continuously forcing me to add account?

I am having an issue with the built-in Mail app service in Windows 10. It continuously pop-ups by asking to add an account. When added an account, it now asks to re-enter the password. Still, each ...
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Is it possible to create an account to *just* send email with Windows 10 mail?

I'm trying to use Windows 10 mail to send email through my own personal SMTP server. I don't use pop3 or imap, I just deliver my mail to a local maildir. However, the Mail client won't let me do ...
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Why are some images in Windows 10 Mail disproportionately large?

This is an unusual issue with Windows 10's Mail app which can probably be chalked up to a bug, but I'd like to make sure I don't have some weird setting enabled first. In some emails I receive, some ...
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Win10 Mail App Exchange connected - remote wipe capabilities?

I would like to connect an office exchange mail account to Windows 10 mail app on my home desktop. Can a company admin remotely wipe parts of my hard drive or worse case remotely format all my non OS ...
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Windows 10 inbox will not sync

Windows 10 inbox mail app will not sync emails. It worked when I first installed windows however it will no longer sync. When I press sync I get the animation that goes forever. When I press manage ...
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Change "From" address in Win10 "Outlook Mail" app

I'm using the built-in "Outlook Mail and Calendar" app on Win10, as my employer uses G-Suite (formerly Google Apps) and the Office version of Outlook doesn't know how to use OAuth or sync Google ...
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What's the Keyboard Shortcut to archive an email message in the Windows 10 Mail app?

I can delete an email message with the delete key, but there isn't an archive button on the keyboard. What's the Keyboard Shortcut to archive an email message in the Windows 10 Mail app?
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How to view the HTML source of an email in the Windows 10 Mail app?

Pressing the actions button (3 dots) doesn't list anything to view the source. Right clicking only lists "copy" and even when writing a email I can't seem to find a way to view the source. How to ...
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Change spell check language in the Windows 10 mail app for whole email

I have an issue with Windows 10 Mail app, with changing the language for spell check. My system is set up in German, so this is the default setting when writing mails. But every now and then, I have ...
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Where Windows 10 stores default email app in its registry

I have set up Google Chrome as my default email application in my [Windows 10> Settings> System> Default apps] (screenshot). My keyboard has the shortcut Fn+F2 which opens default email application, ...
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Auto sync Windows 10 Mail app

I have a problem with Mail app on a Windows 10 system (updated from Windows 8). The sync settings just don't work on any email accounts and (of course) in the calendar app. I can open mail app up and ...
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Solution to Windows 10 Mail not correctly recognizing IMAP mail accounts

When setting up a new mail account in the new Windows 10 Mail app, some providers are recognized as POP3 servers automatically, regardless that they offer IMAP as well. This is due to the fact that ...
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