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Stopping all automatic updates Windows 10

We've upgraded some machines to Windows 10 and realized there were some updates which updated as required. However, I realized there was no option available to stop the download similar to that on ...
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Where can I get a clean ISO of a specific build of Windows 10?

I need to repair my Windows 10 installation. Where can I get a clean ISO (with install.wim, no Install.ESD, so that I can run DISM against the WIM) of the specific Windows 10 build required for this? ...
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3 answers

How to get rights of admin after I disabled all admin accounts in my computer

I accidentally disabled my admin account. After I login to another account I found I can not get admin rights, because all admin accounts on my computer are disabled. I clicked on 'run as ...
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Windows Starter Edition, Home and Home Premium do not include gpedit, how do I install it?

I want to make some changes to Windows that require using the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc). Unfortunately the Group Policy Editor is not included with the Starter Edition, Home and Home Premium ...
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How to *disable* automatic reboots in Windows 10?

Windows 10 lets you 'schedule' a reboot for later. I want to disable it. Evidently Windows scheduled itself for a reboot last night when I wasn't looking and just closed everything I had been working ...
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How do I stop Windows 10 from updating my graphics driver?

Every time Windows 10 runs updates (which I see no way to control), it updates my graphics driver. I like the old one because it is faster. So, I have to reinstall it. This is getting to be a pain. ...
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Windows 10 high memory usage (unknown reason)

A few days ago I updated my PC to Windows 10. However, after some use my PC started to slow down until it was impossible to use – it was due to high memory usage. After a restart, everything came back ...
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How to reinstall Windows 10 on new hard disk

I've been using Windows 10 for a couple of month now (joined the Insider Preview). Now my hard drive started ticking so I've bought a new SSD and I want to move the windows installation to the new ...
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Windows 10, 'System' process taking massive amounts of RAM

Since I upgraded to Windows 10, my system has been consuming RAM excessively I've been reading a bit and determined it's likely a driver leaking memory. So I got myself the Windows Driver Kit and ...
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How to delete a keyboard layout in Windows 10

I installed Windows 10 on a physically German keyboard, then installed a Window English software keyboard and bought some little stickers to make my keyboard look OK. However, Windows shows 2 ...
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What is the purpose of the DISM /RestoreHealth parameter and SFC?

What is the purpose of the DISM /RestoreHealth parameter and the SFC /ScanNow parameter? How do they correlate to one another? In what order should they be run? Why does the order sequence matter ...
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Make Windows 10 stop installing driver software automatically

I've upgraded my PC from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro; overall it seems to be working fine, with small bugs here and there. One thing that I find really annoying is that Windows seems to think ...
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How to rename the User folder in Windows 10?

After installing Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 it took my user name 'Jeremy' and created a user folder named C:\Users\jerem. I want to rename the folder C:\Users\Jeremy. The procedure for Windows 8 ...
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How to force the deletion of a locked file that has no locking handle on Windows?

When I try to delete the file, using the GUI it says The action cannot be completed because the file is open in another program And using the del /f /q command line it says Access is denied ...
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How to disable or uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Is there any possibility to completely disable the new Edge browser? The old IE could be disabled in Settings → Default Programs, but in Windows 10, the checkbox is missing for Edge. Is there any way ...
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Can I enable the Windows 7 Start menu in Windows 10?

I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now I only find this new slower Start menu with all the tiles in it (picturesource: Can I enable the older Windows 7 one again ...
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3 answers

Conclusively stop wake timers from waking Windows 10 desktop

How do you stop a Windows 10 Desktop waking up from the sleeping/hibernated power state without user intervention? For lots of users this won't be an issue but, if you sleep in the same room as your ...
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How can I efficiently recover a permanently deleted folder at once?

There was a folder on my hard drive that I want to recover after I deleted it. How can I restore an entire folder from the file system? I have tried some tools to recover deleted files listed in ...
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312 votes
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Can I completely disable Cortana on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has Cortana, which I don't like. I disabled it as soon as I could. However, looking in Task Manager, the process for Cortana is still running, and can't be effectively terminated: ending ...
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Is it safe to delete from C:\Windows\Installer?

I've been looking on an XP machine what is using all that diskspace, and it turns out C:\Windows\Installer is high up there on the list of directories that use the most diskspace. It seems to contain ...
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2 answers

Deferring updates in Windows 10

In Windows 10 version 1607, it was still possible to defer updates by a few months via the Local Group Policy Editor, but now there's a subfolder containing two entries where it's only possible to ...
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booting windows 10 spends too long

In august 2015, I have upgrade my laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10. But it spends always 10 minutes to boot it. It is not normal that it spends so long. What can I do for boot him faster? Below ...
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14 answers

VT-x is not available, but is enabled in BIOS

Recently I started having an issue with VT-x on my Windows 10 running on HP EliteBook. I was using Oracle VirtualBox to run some VMs on it before and VT-x was enabled in BIOS and was working fine. I ...
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3 answers

Windows 10: Scheduled tasks with workstation lock/unlock not being triggered

I'm running Windows 10, and trying to get a pair of scheduled tasks working. These tasks are set to run on workstation lock and workstation unlock, and execute a script that remotely locks or unlocks ...
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11 answers

How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically adding keyboard layouts (i.e. US keyboard)

Update: this is a lengthy post, you can jump straight to the answer below Note: The quick language list refers to the list in the screenshot below, accessible throught the shortcut Win + Space bar I ...
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Windows 10 Search can't find ANY applications. Even calculator [duplicate]

I have problem with Windows 10 Enterprise N x64. When I press "Start" and start to type application name it never finds it. I can't even find applications like "Calculator", "Microsoft Word" or any ...
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Cortana Search is not finding applications on Windows 10

For the past several versions (since Windows Vista, I think), if you hit the Windows key and start typing, Windows will search for applications. Since upgrading to Windows 10 with Cortana, she is ...
24 votes
1 answer

Shutdown Windows 10 truly for a dual booting system

It seems that "Shut down" in Windows 10 actually means "Shut down and hibernate". This has caused my NTFS partitions cannot be automatically loaded on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) on my dual-booting laptop. ...
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5 answers

Windows 10 100% Disk Usage after Startup [duplicate]

After startup for 5 minutes, my system is very slow. The Task Manager shows that the disk usage is at 100%. (Later this number is around 2-4 %, but sometimes for 1-2 minutes goes up again at 100%.) I ...
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How to disable internet search results in start menu post Creators Update?

It used to be possible to disable internet search results in start menu searches before the Windows 10 Creators Update, but I've just clean installed a new Windows 10 Pro image and that setting is ...
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3 answers

How to fix the Windows 10 boot loader from Windows

I installed Ubuntu on a system that has Windows 10 installed. I can boot to Windows or Ubuntu normally using GRUB. I want to delete Ubuntu partition, but first I must restore the Windows 10 MBR. In ...
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I Cancelled Microsoft 10 Reservation and uninstalled KB3035583 but Window 10 is still trying to install

I cancelled the Microsoft Windows 10 Reservation and uninstalled KB3035583, but Windows 10 is still trying to install. After I uninstalled KB3035583 and restarted my laptop as instructed, I could ...
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10 answers

Two blue arrows at top right of icons

On some icons I am seeing a two blue arrows at the top the right pointing towards each other. I first noticed it on the icons on folders which I archived which happened randomly. I archived the folder ...
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3 answers

Windows 10 April 2018 Update added an extra Language and I cannot remove it

I have just updated to Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803 / 17134.1) I had my laptop configured completely as UK with only a UK keyboard layout Since the update, a US keyboard has been added so I ...
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2 answers

Tell Windows 7 to Stop Trying to Upgrade to Windows 10?

A customer running Windows 7 Home must have reserved or okayed the Windows 10 upgrade because I am seeing daily messages that the upgrade is failing to install. This customer is not ready for ...
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Windows 10 "Enable NTFS long paths policy" option missing

For some time, Microsoft has supported an option to remove the limit of 260 symbols for NTFS file name length. The web is full of articles, describing what should be done. Hit the Windows key, type ...
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2 answers

Change Windows 7/8/10 system language - welcome screen, login, etc

Changing an admininstrator user language is pretty straight-forward, but it does not change the language of the Boot screen, Welcome screen, Login screen, etc... Pretty much anything that's not on ...
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11 answers

Remove automatically added keyboard inputs and prevent them from coming back (Windows 10)

I have 2 languages installed on my computer, both with a single input method. I have 2 keyboards: CES-CSQ and ENG-US. However lately (maybe after the last Win10 update) I started to see 2 additional ...
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15 answers

Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10

I can't find any information on how to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10. There is some information about how to do it in the previews, but the configuration pages have changed with the final ...
38 votes
5 answers

WinDirStat shows 244GB unknown space on external drive

I recently noticed that one of my external hard drive seems to be missing a lot of space. It was recommended that I try WinDirStat, as it could help identify how much space each file was taking up. ...
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9 answers

How to turn off Windows Defender permanently

Windows Defender keeps blocking a third-party program that I know isn't a threat. All my attempts to disable Windows Defender have failed. I've tried to: Go in the Windows Defender option and ...
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4 answers

How do you forcefully remove apps in Windows 10?

How can I remove apps that Windows doesn't seem to allow to be uninstalled, like Xbox and Groove Music?
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2 answers

How do I kill the lockscreen after the Windows 10 anniversary update?

The Windows 10 "anniversary update" is coming out tomorrow and according to some reports the group policy to disable the lock screen is no longer effective on anything below the Enterprise edition. I'...
22 votes
2 answers

Windows 10 ver 1607: File Explorer long paths not working?

I updated to the Windows 10 home anniversary edition version 1607 and set LongPathsEnabled to 1 with regedit.exe but the File Explorer doesn't seem to work with long paths still. If you select a long ...
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4 answers

Can't install .net 3.5 on Windows 10

When I try to install .net 3.5 I get the follwing message: The following feature couldn't be installed: .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) Error code: 0x800F081F I tried ...
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12 answers

Restore Microsoft Store application in Windows 10

I had remove the Microsoft Store application. Yes, totally remove the app. Do not ask how and what for. :) Is there a convenient way to set it up again or restore it? Anything except "system restore"....
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3 answers

How can I migrate a Windows 10 from BIOS/MBR boot to UEFI/GPT without reinstalling?

I've installed Windows 10 in BIOS mode and use MBR. How can I convert it to use UEFI and GPT without reinstalling Windows 10? Is this possible?
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SSMS wont give up file associations

Apparently this is a known Win10 bug and should hopefully be fixed in an upcoming update. I have installed SQL Server Management Studio v17.9 on a clean Windows 10 installation. This associated all ....
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6 answers

Very high CPU usage for Windows Audio service

I'm using a Dell XPS 13 (3960) laptop, with Windows 10 operating system. Recently, after I was hearing loud laptop fans noises even when no high resouce programs running, I decided to check, and ...
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Windows 10 Search not loading, showing blank window

The Search menu on my Windows 10 suddenly stopped working. When I click the Search icon or type something in the Start menu, it just shows a blank search window. I've tried rebuilding the index, SFC /...
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