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How to *disable* automatic reboots in Windows 10?

Windows 10 lets you 'schedule' a reboot for later. I want to disable it. Evidently Windows scheduled itself for a reboot last night when I wasn't looking and just closed everything I had been working ...
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How can I free up drive space from the Windows installer folder without killing Windows?

On my SSD machine, the C:\Windows\Installer folder is massive and takes up about 15% of my total disk space. Is there a way to clean up that folder without killing Windows 8.1/10? Tucking away the ...
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11 answers

What is the home directory on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

When I start bash on Windows Subsystem for Linux, it drops me in the directory /mnt/c/Users/<username> When I ls this directory, I see the directories Desktop, Documents, etc. that I can see ...
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10 answers

How to rename the User folder in Windows 10?

After installing Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 it took my user name 'Jeremy' and created a user folder named C:\Users\jerem. I want to rename the folder C:\Users\Jeremy. The procedure for Windows 8 ...
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Rebooting Ubuntu on Windows without rebooting Windows?

Is it possible to reboot the Ubuntu sub-system without restarting my system? I tried to use the shutdown command after installing some updates, but that doesn't seem to be an option here. The ...
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9 answers

Keyboard language keeps changing in Windows 10

So I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 English. I configured it to have English UI language but Norwegian keyboard. I have several problems with that setup: The keyboard language keeps ...
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Mouse pointer moving on arrow keys pressed in Windows?

I'm encountering a strange problem on my W10 computer, for a few days my arrow keys have been "driving" my mouse pointer. Pressing the left arrow key will move the pointer a few pixels left, ...
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319 votes
7 answers

How to pin either a Shortcut or a Batch file to the new Windows 7, 8 and 10 Taskbar and start menu?

We are having trouble adding our batch scripts to the Windows 7, 8 or 10 taskbar or start menu. Our batchfiles take some arguments and just execute other application based on those arguments . To ...
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9 answers

Can I completely disable Cortana on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has Cortana, which I don't like. I disabled it as soon as I could. However, looking in Task Manager, the process for Cortana is still running, and can't be effectively terminated: ending ...
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3 answers

Conclusively stop wake timers from waking Windows 10 desktop

How do you stop a Windows 10 Desktop waking up from the sleeping/hibernated power state without user intervention? For lots of users this won't be an issue but, if you sleep in the same room as your ...
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16 answers

How to quickly move current window to another Task View / desktop in Windows 10?

Windows 10 introduced Task View - the ability to have multiple virtual desktops. When I am in a window on Desktop 1, what's the quickest way to move it to Desktop 2? Currently, I need to enter the ...
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236 votes
9 answers

How do I set system environment variables in Windows 10? [duplicate]

How do I set a system environment variable in Windows 10 (without using the registry editor)? (Note: Other answers don't specifically address Windows 10 - at least not yet - and they leave off ...
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7 answers

Windows 10 - disable reopening programs after restart/startup

Occasionally, a forced restart is happening on my Windows 10 computer. When the OS is restarted every program that I've had prior to the restart is reopened at startup. The programs are reopened like ...
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8 answers

Typing “python” on Windows 10 (version 1903) command prompt opens Microsoft store

This is strange issue I have observed. I installed Active Python 2.7 on Windows 10 (version 1903). On typing “python” from search, opens the Python 2.7 prompt but when I type from command prompt ...
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12 answers

How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically adding keyboard layouts (i.e. US keyboard)

Update: this is a lengthy post, you can jump straight to the answer below Note: The quick language list refers to the list in the screenshot below, accessible throught the shortcut Win + Space bar I ...
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4 answers

How to disable internet search results in start menu post Creators Update?

It used to be possible to disable internet search results in start menu searches before the Windows 10 Creators Update, but I've just clean installed a new Windows 10 Pro image and that setting is ...
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13 answers

Windows 10 Search can't find ANY applications. Even calculator [duplicate]

I have problem with Windows 10 Enterprise N x64. When I press "Start" and start to type application name it never finds it. I can't even find applications like "Calculator", "Microsoft Word" or any ...
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2 answers

How to access Windows folders from Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

On the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows app, I only have root@localhost:~# ls -a .bash_history .bashrc .profile How do I access all of the Windows folders like Documents, Downloads, etc.?
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184 votes
7 answers

Remote Desktop intermittently freezing

I use a Windows 10 machine remotely at work. Both the local and remote machine are in the same ISP network (not same local network, but same ISP). I've been using it like that for almost a year now ...
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14 answers

How can I reduce the consumption of the `vmmem` process?

I installed docker on windows home which uses WSL2 as a backend. However, since doing this a process called vmmem seems to be consistently consuming a lot of computational resources. I ran docker stop ...
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14 answers

How to access linux/Ubuntu files from Windows 10 WSL?

This question answers how to access Windows files from Ubuntu Bash, but how can I do the opposite? Specifically, I need to access my SSH key from Windows which is located at /home/mark/.ssh/id_rsa ...
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177 votes
7 answers

Change name of Virtual Desktop in Windows 10

When adding Virtual Desktops on Windows 10 they are just named sequentially: Desktop 1, Desktop 2, ... etc Is there a way to modify these names to provide something more meaningful? i.e. Home, School,...
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10 answers

Two blue arrows at top right of icons

On some icons I am seeing a two blue arrows at the top the right pointing towards each other. I first noticed it on the icons on folders which I archived which happened randomly. I archived the folder ...
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174 votes
5 answers

Hyper-V VM won't boot from Cd, error: "unsigned image's hash is not allowed"

I went to install a Debian instance on Windows Hyper-V client in Windows 10. However, when I attempted to start the VM, it would not boot from the cd. Eventually the Hyper-V BIOS gave me a failure to ...
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8 answers

How do I remove Candy Crush Saga from Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with "Candy Crush Saga" preinstalled, but I do not want it on my system. How do I remove it?
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14 answers

VT-x is not available, but is enabled in BIOS

Recently I started having an issue with VT-x on my Windows 10 running on HP EliteBook. I was using Oracle VirtualBox to run some VMs on it before and VT-x was enabled in BIOS and was working fine. I ...
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159 votes
9 answers

How to delete a keyboard layout in Windows 10

I installed Windows 10 on a physically German keyboard, then installed a Window English software keyboard and bought some little stickers to make my keyboard look OK. However, Windows shows 2 ...
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158 votes
7 answers

AltGr randomly stops working on windows 10

I am using a number of different keyboard layouts, depending on which language/keyboard I am woring with. Some of these rely on the AltGr key for producing certain symbols like @ (e.g. the Swedish ...
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7 answers

Items unpinned from taskbar are back after restart/sign out on Windows 10

I have got a new installation of windows recently. Now when I do unpin items from taskbar that were there (IE, Edge, Explorer), they do come back after restart. A pinned chrome does not disappear ...
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153 votes
6 answers

How can I create a symbolic link on Windows 10?

I was reading, and I know junction/mklink worked in Windows 7 as well, ...
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8 answers

Windows Linux Subsystem - Accessing Files outside of Ubuntu

Why, when I create a file from within Windows for example, can I not see it under the Linux sub system in Windows 10 (bash.exe) The screenshot should explain. Folder: OMG was created from within ...
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148 votes
9 answers

Windows on second monitor moves to primary monitor after sleep/lock

I'm using latest Windows 10. I have dual monitors and am working on software development. I move Visual Studio to second monitor to work on it. When I lock wndows and leave computer and go somewhere ...
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5 answers

Windows 10 - How to move window to other monitor by using keyboard shortcuts?

I try to switch a window from my second monitor to the first, because my OS always opens some windows where they were last closed. E.g. if I open up VLC Player to watch a video and then move the ...
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147 votes
2 answers

Windows 10 Search not loading, showing blank window

The Search menu on my Windows 10 suddenly stopped working. When I click the Search icon or type something in the Start menu, it just shows a blank search window. I've tried rebuilding the index, SFC /...
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11 answers

How to disable sticky corners in Windows 10

It seems Microsoft has tried to solve this problem Multi-monitors and the corners of the screen. In Windows 7, there is no boundary between monitors and the mouse can move freely across the top of ...
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145 votes
4 answers

What does CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B do in Windows?

I'm using Windows 10 and today I accidentally hit the key combination: Ctrl+Shift+Win+B. As a result, the screens went black for about a second and I heard a beep. This is reproduceable; every time ...
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144 votes
2 answers

Windows 10 "Enable NTFS long paths policy" option missing

For some time, Microsoft has supported an option to remove the limit of 260 symbols for NTFS file name length. The web is full of articles, describing what should be done. Hit the Windows key, type ...
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142 votes
7 answers

Path to current desktop backgrounds in Windows 10?

There is another question on here that allows users to find the path to their current background image through a cmd command. How could I find out the path to the current desktop image? In Windows ...
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9 answers

Is it safe to delete from C:\Windows\Installer?

I've been looking on an XP machine what is using all that diskspace, and it turns out C:\Windows\Installer is high up there on the list of directories that use the most diskspace. It seems to contain ...
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131 votes
12 answers

Map capslock to control in Windows 10

In Windows 8 I used to remap my capslock key to control using the registry script REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout] "Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,...
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130 votes
10 answers

How to prevent Windows 10 waking from sleep when traveling in bag?

I am not turning laptop off, but rather putting into hibernation, as it starts much faster and I can continue working without starting all apps again. It was working long time from Windows XP to ...
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129 votes
2 answers

Unable to install fonts on Windows 10

I'm using Windows 10 x64 Pro and I'm unable to preview or install fonts. When I try to preview a font (double click or Right Click >> Preview), I get an error message that reads "The requested ...
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128 votes
12 answers

Set shortcuts to change keyboard layout in Windows 10?

Is there any way to set keyboard shortcuts to quickly change to a different language/keyboard layout? The old shortcuts still seem to work (when set back in Windows 7), but I can't seem to find ...
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5 answers

How can I SSH into "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10"?

I have Windows 10 Anniversary Edition with "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" installed and working. I'd like to be able to SSH into this Ubuntu instance, but although I have openssh-server installed and ...
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8 answers

Should I defragment my SSD?

I have just learned that one should "Never defragment your SSD". But I have no idea if that is true. I believe that Windows 10 was automatically scheduled to finish defragmentation on my SSD, but I ...
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4 answers

Why can't VirtualBox or VMware run with Hyper-V enabled on Windows 10

I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with Hyper-V and Intel VT-x virtualization technology enabled. When I try to run VirtualBox 64bit, Windows goes into a BSOD. When I run VMware it shows an error. ...
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17 answers

Cortana Search is not finding applications on Windows 10

For the past several versions (since Windows Vista, I think), if you hit the Windows key and start typing, Windows will search for applications. Since upgrading to Windows 10 with Cortana, she is ...
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122 votes
6 answers

Windows 10 Ubuntu Bash Shell: How Do I Mount Other Windows Drives?

I'm using Windows 10's Ubuntu Bash shell. It maps the C drive fine as /mnt/c. I have other local physical hard drives, mounted in Windows as E: and F: How do I tell Bash to mount these drives too (...
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121 votes
6 answers

Run a script on start up on Windows 10

On previous versions of Windows I have used the below technique to run a batch file on Windows startup. Create a shortcut to the batch file. Once the shortcut is created, right-click the shortcut ...
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3 answers

How to delete the Recovery Partition in Windows 10?

I need to convert the disk containing my operating system to a dynamic disk (from a basic disk). Unfortunately there is no room on the disk to convert the drive from basic to dynamic. Microsoft ...
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