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Questions tagged [windows-speech-recognition]

Windows Speech Recognition is a speech recognition component developed by Microsoft and introduced in the Windows Vista operating system that enables the use of voice commands to perform operations, such as the dictation of text, within applications and the operating system itself.

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Manipulate win10 speech recognition behaviour

Is it possible to somehow manipulate win10 speech recognition behaviour? I have to use due to tendinits symptoms. What would already help a lot would be if I say "click", that this is always ...
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Do either Dragon or Windows Speech Recognition use a dedicated graphics card or GPU when one is available?

Dragon and Windows Speech Recognition are two popular programs used for voice-to-text dictation and operation of a computer by voice. On my well appointed but 7-year-old laptop, both of these ...
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Does Windows Speech Recognition allow the user to dictate in any program?

Does Windows Speech Recognition allow the user to dictate in any program, at least in theory? Or are there some types of programs that are not supported Windows Speech Recognition? E.g., Dragon ...
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Why is Windows Speech Recognition not working?

I've used Windows Speech Recognition in the past on my laptop - using the built-in microphone and also via the WO mic software which "makes" ones Android phone into a microphone. I've done a decent ...
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Does Windows Speech Recognition produce log files?

Does Windows Speech Recognition produce logs of what commands have been used? We're having a problem where a certain command either crashes or closes IE10, but we're not quite sure how WSR is ...
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