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Integral service in Windows since Windows Vista that updates Windows components, including installed components and drivers, and certain other Microsoft software, notably Office.

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Stopping all automatic updates Windows 10

We've upgraded some machines to Windows 10 and realized there were some updates which updated as required. However, I realized there was no option available to stop the download similar to that on ...
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Windows 7 SP1 Windows Update stuck checking for updates

I installed Windows 7 fresh and installed SP1. Now, when I try to check manually for Windows Updates it just hangs on the Checking for updates screen. I tried running the tools in How do I reset ...
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How to *disable* automatic reboots in Windows 10?

Windows 10 lets you 'schedule' a reboot for later. I want to disable it. Evidently Windows scheduled itself for a reboot last night when I wasn't looking and just closed everything I had been working ...
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How do I stop Windows 10 from updating my graphics driver?

Every time Windows 10 runs updates (which I see no way to control), it updates my graphics driver. I like the old one because it is faster. So, I have to reinstall it. This is getting to be a pain. ...
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Deferring updates in Windows 10

In Windows 10 version 1607, it was still possible to defer updates by a few months via the Local Group Policy Editor, but now there's a subfolder containing two entries where it's only possible to ...
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Offline update of Windows?

What options, if any, exist for offline update of Microsoft Windows? If a solution exists please list your experience using it. Background: If for any reason a computer does not have a connection ...
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Windows Updates Folders (With Strange Names) in C drive

I have a Windows XP Professional SP 3. In my C drive, I have a lot of folders which I do not know why they exist. Sample these names - 1da9de11ed14f5da3b6ace4e25f5 a0332ef3abcaf03e49 What are they? ...
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What are all the Windows 7/8/8.1 updates (KBs) I must skip to avoid Windows 10 upgrading -and nags-?

It's been a time I didn't follow the list of which Windows 7/8/8.1 KBs I must skip since I don't want the unfinished Windows 10 at all. Moreover, I will still consider Windows 10 unfinished (-> ...
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How to prevent Windows 10 from restarting the computer after installing updates

This questions has been answered previously, e.g. here, but all the answers I've seen require using a dropdown in Settings> Update & Security> Advanced Options. On my version of Windows 10 Pro, ...
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Windows update stand alone pakages (msu) loop

The windows update of my windows 7 sp1 is not working. So i decided to get possible updates as a stand alone packages. i downloaded many packages. but when i clicked at one of the packages firstly ...
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"Failed to Configure" restart loop with Windows 7 Updates

In an attempt to repair an old Dell Inspiron laptop that was previously repaired (sent to a repairman and clean installed), I am stuck at this issue. Since that last repair, the laptop still has ...
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Safe to delete "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download"

One of our Windows 2003 servers has a fairly small C-partition, which is approaching full. I've had a quick look round using Disktective as to where the space has gone, and a fair bit of it seems to ...
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Disable automatic driver update for only one device in Windows 10

Is there a way we can disable automatic driver update for a specific device in Windows 10? The updated driver for that device (Intel Management Engine Interface 11.x in particular) causes problems on ...
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Why is checking Windows Update so slow?

I have Windows 7 PCs that have automatic update turned off. I do updates in batch once a month or so. But each time "check for update" takes 15 to 30 minutes. I don't understand why checking for ...
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Windows Update doesn't work and consumes 100% of CPU (Win7 SP1) [duplicate]

I've observed a strange behaviour with Windows Update (Win7 SP1). The process svchost is consuming an entire core of my Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) doing nothing (i.e., there is no network traffic ...
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Windows update doesn't progress beyond 0 KB 0%

I have Windows 7 64-bit and the Windows Update isn't working properly. What can I do?
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How to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Windows 10 Enterprise edition

I have a laptop with Windows 10 Enterprise edition installed (64bit). I haven't got the Windows 10 Anniversary Update from the normal Windows Update (I have clicked Check for updates). So I want to ...
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Windows update KB2952664 (Compattelrunner.exe) cannot be uninstalled from Windows 7

Update KB2952664: Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7 This update performs diagnostics on the Windows systems that participate in the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program....
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Windows Update waking machine from hibernation

One of my family members has a Windows (Vista) machine which is waking itself up from hibernation in an annoying fashion. Some investigation suggests that Windows Update is the guilty party - it doesn'...
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Cannot install any updates on clean Windows 8.1

I made a clean install of Windows 8.1 on a computer. I'm trying to check for updates. The update check takes very long and finally the Windows Update section tells me that no updates are available and ...
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How can I install updates and shut down from the command line?

I know that there is a simple way to shutdown the computer in command prompt, but is it possible to do system updates and then shutdown the computer in command prompt? For example, when Vista needs ...
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Windows 10 thinks it's up to date, but it's not

Windows 10 downloaded a big update not long ago and went through a lengthy upgrade process. Partway through the system locked up. The little progress spinner stopped spinning and it sat there for ...
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Avoiding Windows 10 Creator, but not other updates

I have a brand new, unopened laptop with Windows 10 Home that, due to a standardized test that my spouse will have to take on it in late July, I cannot put Windows 10 Creator on. I understand that ...
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Can I get more information on what Windows Update is doing?

It often happens that I have to watch this screen for minutes: I have no clue what's happening in the back. And I'm also not interested in watching the WindowsUpdate.log for changes. I would love to ...
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Windows 8.1 stuck on "Checking for updates..."

Windows 8.1 doesn't appear to be updating. When I go to check for updates, it seems to just continuously check for updates without making progress. I have left it for a few hours with no luck. I don'...
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How to shut down the computer without the update on Windows 7?

Sometimes when my Win 7 machine has programs that crashed, maybe Firefox, or IE, I would like to shut down the computer without installing any Windows update. That's because I worry that if IE or ...
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How to cancel updates in Windows 10?

So windows 10 has this annoying habit of downloading updates over WiFi connections not marked as metered connections. I have to connect to a limited WiFi hotspot, and by the time I set the connection ...
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My Windows 10 version 1511 won't update to latest 1803?

I had installed a Windows 10 64-bit version 1511 on my laptop. After completing the necessary steps, it started downloading updates. After some time I could see that 40GB in my Windows drive was full ...
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Windows update giving error 80070002 and manual update not working how to update?

I have been trying to update my pc from 20h1 to 20h2 but the windows update shows error message 80007002 and when I manually install the update using windows 10 update assistant it downloads ...
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Windows 7 Windows update error 80072EFE

I have a HP PC. Recently, I have reset it, and it downgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 7. After the reset, I am trying to install windows updates. But when I try to search for new updates, I get the ...
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Power plans disappeared after Windows 10 Fall update (1709)

UPDATE: I went back to 1703. See source: New power options in Windows 10 Listing power plans using powercfg shows only the Balanced one. And that's the registry situation: And the power schemes, ...
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How can I prevent Windows from prompting to restart my computer after an update?

On XP Home how can I prevent Windows from ever trying to restart my computer after an update? XP Home has no Group Policy Editor.
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Is there a way to prevent installs/updates to litter my hard drive with cryptic folders?

Often I find guid-like folder names spread around on my hard drives. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I think they might come when I install various programs or while updating them (...
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Disabling windows updates for windows 10 [duplicate]

Starting with windows 8 I have many many many hardware issues (that are not present in Windows 7). One of these issues is the fact that an initiated restart does not work. It shuts down, the bios ...
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Failed and Pending updates: "restart your computer to install important updates"?

I have a windows 7 laptop with a bunch of pending and failed updates (2009 HP, i3). When I manually download them (e.g. January, 2017 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based ...
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Windows Update Failure

When I start my computer (Windows 7 Pro 32-bit) I get the following message: Configuring Windows Updates 0% Complete Do not turn of your computer This stays on the screen for about 5 minutes, then ...
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Bye Windows Defender, I need to turn you back off again

I am running Windows 10 on a fairly recent laptop. I'm using Avast (free version) as antivirus and before the update, Windows Defender was turned off as it should be in case a third party antivirus is ...
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Disable Automatic Restarts in Windows 10 Home Anniversary Update [duplicate]

I have a Windows 10 Home PC that is often unattended but doing important work. The work follows no particular schedule, and may take place at any time of day or night. As things stand, Windows 10 (...
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Limit bandwidth used by Windows Update

I have a Windows 8 (64-bit, not Pro) machine, and I want to limit the Internet bandwidth available to Windows Update. I read about BITS and GPMC methods, but I don't know how to open the BITS window, ...
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Automatic Windows Defender Updates with Manual Windows/Microsoft Updates

I've got Windows/Microsoft Update on my Windows 7 laptop set to notify me when updates are available but not to do anything automatically. I also have Windows Defender running and it seems to have ...
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How do I delete left-over Windows Update folders?

My PC is 5 years old and I have had a great history for failed updates. Regardless if I open my C: drive, I have bunch of folders with names which sound something like this:...
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How can I defer updates in Windows 10 Home?

I prefer knowing what each update does and reading about its impact (including whether it is causing widespread problems for people) before allowing it to be installed on my system. How can I do this ...
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Windows 7 + Deep Freeze - I'm stuck in an endless reboot loop

I have the following setup: Windows 7 Ultimate Deep Freeze I "thawed" my machine last night and performed a Windows Update. The update is having issues (it gets stuck at 32%, fails, and restarts my ...
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All my browsers suddenly don't support Javascript files anymore?

I'm experiencing the same issue as this question, which seems to be unresolved. I'll provide more detail, sot that this qualifies as a better representation of the issue. It all started after moving ...
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How to fix Windows 8.1 Update Hanging

My Windows 8.1 laptop has not been updated for a long time. I am trying to run Windows Update > Check for updates but it keeps showing the Checking for updates... progress bar forever (more than 3 ...
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Windows Update continually repeats same updates

For the last week whenever I shutdown my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop, I get the yellow shield telling me I have updates (both updates are shown below my question). I shutdown the system, the updates ...
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How to hide updates in Windows Updates without GUI

When you don't want to update a particular windows update one can do that by following steps on windows 7 below: Open Windows Updates Click on View Updates Right click on the item you want to hide ...
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Windows Update doesn't work on Window 8.1

I bought new laptop and first thing I wanted to do was upgrading it to Windows 10 but whenever I use Windows Update -> Check updates it's just stuck on checking updates (5 dots are flying in and out ...
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Windows update problems after fresh Windows 8.1 install

I did a fresh install of Windows and right off the bat, Windows update would hang when I had it search for updates. It would show searching for updates and then hang on that screen. I let it go for ...
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Forcefully update to new windows

The Windows 10 October 2018 update (v1809) rollout got cancelled multiple times, however you can still get the ISO files of it. Is it somehow possible to update using the ISO files (without losing ...
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