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Xdotool --window function not registering

I've bashed my head against this problem for a while and I'm at a dead end. I'm simply trying to send one key input to an unfocused window using the xdotool key --window window_id function. The window ...
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X-Windows: sending a mouse click to a window in a different desktop without switching to that desktop?

I am using XFCE4 under Xubuntu 20.04.2. I already know how to use wmctrl and xdotool to identify a window in a different desktop, switch to that desktop, send a mouse click to that window, and then ...
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type string using xdotool without being typed on screen twice (type selection of fzf)

I'd like to select something in fzf and type that selection as command I can edit and eventually invoke. The solution might look like this: seq 5 | sed "s/^/echo Testing /" | fzf | xargs -I{}...
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xdotool typing wrong sequence

when I type let's say xdotool type --delay 1000 'hello/@Bey-hapi[' I get: hello&2Bey/hapi8 I don't use a us keyboard layout
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How to move mouse by xdotool in all 4 diagonal directions?

How to move mouse by xdotool to quadrant II or IV of the display? (What I mean by "quadrants".) Moving mouse by xdotool to quadrant I is working fine this way: mousemouve_x=100 mousemouve_y=...
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Command to switch current focus between monitors

I have some scripts which depend on the current monitor focus and want a key binding that toggles the current focus between monitors. Any ideas?
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Keyboard shortcut for toggle window (activate/minimize)

Based on this answer I can activate or minimalize window: how to bring up keepassX window with keyboard shortcut? xdotool search --onlyvisible --name "My window name" windowactivate xdotool search --...
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How can I bind xdotool commands in Ubuntu?

So I'm trying to use xdotool to rebind some keys in Ubuntu. I've installed xdotools and added the shortcut xdotool key A to alt+k. However, upon pressing alt+k nothing happens. I'm struggling to ...
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xdotool key ctrl+W wrecks my machine

Whenever I'm running the command xdotool key ctrl+W in terminal (Arch Linux), it closes all its tabs and my Chromium app too, and I can only recover from it with reset button (can't reopen terminal, ...
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How do I make emacs-key-bindings work everywhere in linux

I am just tired of reaching for the home and arrow keys. There is a windows hack: How can we achieve that in linux? The ...
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Linux: command to lower window with focus

I'm looking for a command to lower a window with focus to the bottom of the stack of windows. I have a command to raise a focused window to the top which is: xdotool getwindowfocus windowraise ......
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How can I permanently rename a window (in XFCE)?

I tend to have a bunch of windows of the same applications (terminals and text editors) and they can be a problem to manage. It would help me a lot if I could give them the most intuitive and clear ...
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Disable numlock, preserving mouse button key bindings

I'm having trouble to disable the Numlock key (make the key do nothing, so that the numpad numbers always work) while at the same time mapping extra mouse buttons (at the side of my mouse) to ...
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xdotool, click and hold and move the mouse

I want to automate a task, I need to scroll a Google like map interface, what I essentially do normally is: Click an a spot Hold the clicking Move the mouse relatively 100 pixels left Stop holding ...
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Kill the currently active window with a keyboard shortcut

How can I kill the currently active window with a command or keyboard shortcut? Alt+F4 closes a window, but first it will wait for the program to respond. Depending on the application, this may take ...
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How to scroll half a page on Linux?

I'm looking for a way to be able to scroll half a page, preferably by using a key combination like shift page up/down. In Windows, this is doable via autohotkey, for OS there does not seem to be any ...
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Command-line way to send keystrokes to a window open on a different X-session

On my main machine, I have a Ubuntu desktop open and logged on. I am then also logging in to this machine from a remote computer, using X2go which creates a new X-session. I have a libreoffice file ...
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How do I unmaximize a window with xdotool or similar by command line?

With xdotool or wmctrl I can move or modify window attributes but if it is maximized none of the commands work. How do I "unmaximize" the window?
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Bash/xdotool: Commands work, but not in a script

I am making a bash script for Linux which closes the terminal window if the window loses focus. On the command line, I was able to do this: termwin=$(xdotool getactivewindow) while : do if [[ $(...
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xdotool only works with X11 windows on OSX

I've installed xdotool via MacPorts. It works only with X11 windows. Is there a way to use it for native OSX applications as well?
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Query value of button with current focus (together with xdotool) from the command line

I am using xdotool to automate some GUI usage. That works pretty well, but sometimes I want to check what button currently has focus. I need to query the value of that button. xdotool doesn't seem to ...
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