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Questions tagged [xslt]

XSLT is a transformation language for XML designed to transform structured documents into other formats (such as XML, HTML, and plain text).

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1 answer

XML with XSL shows blank page in Chrome and Edge browsers

When I use XML with xsl stylesheet, Chrome, Edge shows blank page. When I remove the stylesheet information from the XML file, the data is shown in tree structure. What setting do I need to change in ...
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Proxy to transform an XML body of an http request?

I have a calling system that I cannot easily change. It sends an http request (actually SOAP) with two elements in the wrong order. This is easy to fix with an XSL transform. I'd like to implement a ...
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Sorting XML having xsd format using xslt

Sort XML with xsd format in ascending order Because of xsd format in XML my xslt solution was not working ,what must be used in case of xsd? Here is my XML Input: 4 ...
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Microsoft Word - Mail Merge modify a single field containing XML with XSL

I am attempting to insert a table based on XML from a datasource. I want this XML to enter as a single merge field that will be provided alongside other merge fields. I am working with the restriction ...
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2 answers

Creating an XSL stylesheet to make file path attribute clickable

In a number of directories such as "AAA", "BBB" and "CCC" there are hundreds of monthly dated folders such as "201209", "201310" and "201701". In each and every one of these monthly folders there are ...
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How can I apply xslt2.0 to any html file on ubuntu?

How can I apply xslt2.0 to any html file on ubuntu? I'm looking for something that'll make this work: wget -qO- "" | ????? | saxonb-xslt -o:output.xml -xsl:transform20.xsl -s:...
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XSLT: Is there any way to convert a generic xml file to csv?

I have a few XML files with different structures without XSD and I need to convert them to CSV, including the headers. The headers should be the "dot" concatenation of the path for the single element. ...
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1 answer

XML Stylesheet href doesn't work with absolute URL

I'm trying to figure out why the first XML is previewed in IE but not the second: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="d:\Dropbox\Public\style.xsl"?&...
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Convert DublinCore To MARC

I am trying to convert the following DublinCore XML catalogue: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <articlesinDublinCore xmlns:dc=""> <article> &...
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Always open local XML in compatibility mode in IE11

I have an XML-File, which references a DTD, which references an XSL. When I open it with the Internet Explorer 11, it gets displayed as a normal XML without any stylesheets would. I managed to ...
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1 answer

Trying to view XSLT HTML page with JavaScript transformations

I have a web site that is not showing its content. This content is in XML format and with a XSLT presentation. There's some JavaScript to convert the code from the XML to HTML presentation. According ...
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0 answers

Maintaining parallel versions of documents

I would like to maintain parallel versions of my cv (résumé). What are good ways of doing this? Either with a "master document", or merging between versions? I would prefer a WYSIWYG way of editing ...
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Open an XML file in windows with a stylesheet applied without editing the XML?

I'm looking for a way to view an XML file with an XSL stylesheet applied without having to modify the XML file to reference the stylesheet.
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Retrieving mail from Yahoo! Mail through Thunderbird sometimes fails: "The POP3 mail server ( does not support UIDL or XTND XLST"

Originally asked on Web Applications Stack Exchange, deleted on the original site upon request. Please don't vote to close. Once in a while, for periods of several hours to days at a time, I get the ...
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1 answer

Excel output XML using XSLT

I am attempting to use xml2json-xslt to convert my Excel generated XML to JSON data. It is written in XSL 1.0 so I can run it from the browser and it works just fine. However I would like to include ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Can you apply XSLT transforms using Sublime Text 2?

Scenario: I have a project with a number of XML files and I would like to apply a XSLT transform on these and then use that output for other purposes. There is a variety of tools to do this, but it ...
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Enable XSLT with Webmin on Ubuntu server

I am trying to install/enable XSLT for PHP on my webserver. I'm quite sure that it was running before I made an update, but now it does not work anymore. I have an Ubuntu webserver with Webmin ...
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How could I embed formatted XML source in WORD documents?

I'm writing a documentation with WORD that contains XML source code (whole files) as examples. The way I'm embedding the currently XML is quite cumbersome and doesn't seem to me as really maintainable:...
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2 answers

Fix for php 5.3.9 libxsl security "bug" fix

just this morning i updated my debian server to php 5.3.9 , change log (last item in list) has a fix for this bug and now when running any hosted site using XSL transforms i get: Warning: ...
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3 answers

How do I "run" an XSLT file?

I've received a great answer about sorting XML - I need to use XSLT. But how do I actually do that? What software is required? What command or application do I need to start to get a "converted" XML ...
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screen scraper templates for various websites

I'm looking specifically for a convenient way to locally archive posts from this and other similar sites. I'd like to separate the question itself from the answers, or maybe crop the question and ...
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2 answers

Where is empathy-log.xsl?

Conversation logs saved by Empathy are in XML format. Each one links to a stylesheet "empathy-log.xsl": <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="empathy-log.xsl"?> I've trawled my hard drive and ...
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4 answers

printing the book title in the header of a pdf with fop/docbook/xslt

What is the proper string to use in my XSLT to make FOP print the title of the book in the header? I haven't been able to find this anywhere, and any help is appreciated! Edit: So, <xsl:when ...
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