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After a failed Big Sur Update, of 17GB that was previously available only 5GB remains free on my machine. What to do next?

I had 17BG of free before triggering Big Sur update from System Prefrences > Software Update > Upgrade Now. Midway through that process I shut the lid of my MacBook the update to fail. It says something likeL: “Update failed due to network issues.”

Which makes sense, since the network does not stay connected when put to sleep.

The problem is when I check my MacBook now, only 5GB remains free. This 5GB of free space remains the same even after multiple restarts.

I doubt re-downloading is wise; the download GUI indicates that the download starts from scratch. I have hence not tried this.

However, before starting the update for the first time around it would refuse unless at least 15.95GB was free, and now it shows no such warning.

It is most likely that the update stored as temporary file(s) while downloading. But if so, restarting should clear out the temporary files since — as I understand it — a shutdown/restart involves deletion of temp files, yes?

Seeing as there is no change in the amount of free space after restarts, what can I do next?

Is there any command to purge these update files?

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