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Nvidia Card being 'ejected' as soon as game launches when connected to an external laptop PCI adapter?

Issues I am having are very similar to this and this.

I can start the laptop with the card connected and it immediately outputs through the card, it works fine doing desktop/web browsing activities. The problem is whenever I attempt to run any games the output signal appears to disappear without any sort of error indication leaving me with the 'No signal' prompt.

Ran Call of Duty 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV worked on menus and load pages, and **crashed only after the loading is done; for example only after “click to start mission” in Call of Duty 2.

Tried Halo, and it ran for ~ 1min before crashing.

I tried using Alt+F4 to close the current window and it didn’t work.

Then I pressed the power button to shut down.

Managed to get the display to work for a few minutes and saw this message:

“Problem Ejecting NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750”

enter image description here

The GPU was somehow disconnected as soon as the games loaded. Of course, cables are secure, this is not mechanical.


  • System: Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 (specifically, CF-53SAPZYC7) with Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit (latest updates)
  • CPU: i5-3340M
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • PCI Adapter: EXP GDC Beast v8 Mini PCI-E
  • GPU: GTX 750 ZT-70704-10M
  • PSU: Generic Grey Metal Box from an old yellow-white Dell office pre-built. Picked from a PC fitted with a Celeron SL6RP.

The PSU is sketchy, but the GPU is rated 55 W only. And, a quick Google search of “Problem ejecting NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750” returns many forum posts on Nvidia's website that point to driver instability 3 to 5 years ago.

What is the cause — PSU dropping power or driver issues — and any ideas what can solve this?

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