![Google Chrome Icon][1]

[Google Chrome][2] is the web browser developed by Google and is built upon the WebKit layout engine and application framework (used also by Safari). As of early 2011, Chrome held about 10% of the browser market share, according to [Net Applications][3].

Chrome was first unveiled on September 2, 2008 on Windows as a beta. The stable version was released on December 11, 2008. It has since been released for Mac OS X and Linux as well.

Since 2009, Chrome allows extensions through the Extension Environment. This developer API is under continuing development.

Google Chrome's development model is unique in that Google releases a new version of Chrome every six weeks. Chrome can update itself silently when a new version is released.

The name "Chrome" comes from the term for the GUI in a web browser, chrome.

![Screenshot of Chrome][4]

<sup>_Chrome 8 running on Windows 7_</sup>

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